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Money, Banking, and federal reserve Test

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  1. commercial bank
  2. store of value
  3. representative money
  4. standard of value
  5. pyramided reserves
  1. a money system i/w an item can be exchanged for something else that is valued
  2. b system in which smaller bank deposit some of their reserve into larger banks and the larger banks deposit some of their reserves into largest bank
  3. c a characteristic of a medium of exchange that allows it and thus value of wealth to be stored
  4. d financial institution whose chief purpose is to accept savings/checking, deposits make loans to business and individual transfer money among business
  5. e measure of the relative good/service

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  1. an asset that can easily be converted into cash when needed
  2. a bank owned by depositors who shares in its profit
  3. financial institution that lends money and i/w depositors maintain saving ans checking accounts
  4. government methods such as reduce interest rates to expand the economy money supply
  5. daily process of debiting and crediting banks reserve accounts and checking accounts

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  1. prime ratemoney not backed by gold silver or other item of value, but has worth due to government requirement to be a medium of exchange


  2. monetary policygovernment plan for regulation a nations economy supply and the availability of credit in order to accomplish certain economic goal


  3. Medium of exchangea characteristic of a medium of exchange that allows it and thus value of wealth to be stored


  4. tight money policygovernment method designed to reduce the economy money supply


  5. deregulationa lifting or lessening of government control or restriction on a company industry or profession


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