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  1. store of value
  2. tight money policy
  3. saving and loans associations
  4. mutual savings bank
  5. easy money policy
  1. a government methods such as reduce interest rates to expand the economy money supply
  2. b a bank owned by depositors who shares in its profit
  3. c government method designed to reduce the economy money supply
  4. d financial institution that lends money and i/w depositors maintain saving ans checking accounts
  5. e a characteristic of a medium of exchange that allows it and thus value of wealth to be stored

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  1. money the fed requires a bank to hold either in it owns vault or in a district federal reserve bank
  2. an asset that can easily be converted into cash when needed
  3. anything a seller will accept as a payment for a good or service
  4. measure of the relative good/service
  5. failure to make payment on a loan

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  1. commercial bankmoney system based on an item that has a value to society


  2. moral suasiontotal amount of money circulatory at any given time in a nations economy


  3. speciefailure to make payment on a loan


  4. prime rateplastic card used to make withdrawal at an automatic teller machine or a place of business


  5. discount rateinterest rate for loans that banks charge to their most reliable customer


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