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  1. genetic drift
  2. plant cytokineses
  3. sexual selection may be first for feather..
  4. disruptive selection
  5. linked genes
  1. a natural selection that favors individuals with either extreme of a trait, form of natural selection in which a single curve splits into two; occurs when individuals at the upper and lower ends of a distribution curve have higher fitness than individuals near the middle
  2. b in dinosaurs, feathers in dinosaurs feathers are for warmth, and flight. a non-symmetrical feather is for flight a symmetrical feather is non flight
  3. c the gradual changes in gene frequencies in a population due to random events
  4. d genes located on the same chromosome that tend to be inherited together in genetic crosses
  5. e cell wall ends up with two daughter cells

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  1. the potential to interbreed and produce viable offspring, a species concept defining a species as a population or group thereof whose members potentially interbreed and produce fertile offspring
  2. began modern era of genetics came up with most of genetic terminology
  3. the genetic makeup of the organism, a group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution
  4. molecule on the surface of a pathogen that identifies it as a foreign invader to the immune system
  5. decent with modification and change over time

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  1. mechanical isolationmating does not occur due to reproductive parts not fitting together


  2. biological diversity on eartha result of speciation. the tools of micro evolution also work.


  3. what material accounted for the traits, how were the traits packaged, why some traits skipped generations, he experiments with pea plantswhat Mendel didn't know


  4. nucleusthe alternate form of a gene


  5. 25,000 genes from each parent packaged on 23 chromosomescells anchor to dish surface and divide, cells form a single layer they stop dividing, if some cells are scraped away the remaining cells will fill in the missing layer, providing an additional supply of growth factors simulate growth production


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