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  1. meiosis
  2. example of macro evolution
  3. 25,000 genes from each parent packaged on 23 chromosomes
  4. duchenne muscular dystrophy
  5. traits were passed on from parent to offspring, farmers had controlled livestock and plant breeding for thousands of years
  1. a how many genes from your parents do you get from each
  2. b A human genetic disease caused by a sex-linked recessive allele; characterized by progressive weakening and a loss of muscle tissue.
  3. c (genetics) cell division that produces reproductive cells in sexually reproducing organisms
  4. d dinosaurs to birds
  5. e what Mendel knew at the time

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  1. looking at any organism where genes get turned on and off pharengely slits.The comparison of early stages of development
  2. all the cells of your body except your sex cells
  3. natural selection that favors individuals with either extreme of a trait, form of natural selection in which a single curve splits into two; occurs when individuals at the upper and lower ends of a distribution curve have higher fitness than individuals near the middle
  4. second phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell, spindle fibers move chromosomes to the equator
  5. genotype

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  1. locispecific locations of genes along the chromosome


  2. chemoaffects spindle fibers from making new cells but also attacks every cell going through mitosis


  3. heterozygousparing of chromosomes and beginning of variety, the four chromatids in a pair of homologous chromosomes that come together as a result of synapsis during meiosis


  4. Gregor Mendelbegan modern era of genetics came up with most of genetic terminology


  5. antigensmolecule on the surface of a pathogen that identifies it as a foreign invader to the immune system


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