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  1. amorphous
  2. aquious
  3. intermolecular forces
  4. solution
  5. surface tension
  1. a the name for forces within molecules
  2. b solids that soften over a large range of temperatures
  3. c property of water that allows insects to walk on it
  4. d a ______ solution is a liquid solution in which water is the solvent
  5. e a homogeneous mixture of two or more substancesin a single physical state

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  1. the name of the substance in which the soolute is dissolved
  2. if dry ice is heated at atmopheric pressure, it turns directly into a gas. what is the name of this process?
  3. the term that means capable of being dissolved
  4. solids that are malleable and ductile
  5. the term for the temperature at which a liquids vapor pressure is equal to the atmospheric pressure

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  1. solutethe term that means capable of being dissolved


  2. raiseswhen the concentration of a solute in a liquid solution increases, the boiling point of the solution _______


  3. solventthe name of the substance that is dissolved in a solution


  4. non-polarwater is immisible in oil because water is __________


  5. increasesif you decrease the temperature of a liquid solution the solubility of a gas will __________


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