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  1. aquious
  2. gravity
  3. sublimation
  4. hydrate
  5. raises
  1. a a ______ solution is a liquid solution in which water is the solvent
  2. b the weakest intermolecular force
  3. c crushing a solid solute in a liquid solution ______ it's rate of solubility in a liquid
  4. d water molecules that havebeen included in the crystal structure of a solid compound
  5. e if dry ice is heated at atmopheric pressure, it turns directly into a gas. what is the name of this process?

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  1. the smallest repetitive unit of a crystalline structure
  2. the ________ is the substance in a solution in which the solute is dissolved
  3. a homogeneous mixture of two or more substancesin a single physical state
  4. if you decrease the temperature of a liquid solution the solubility of a gas will __________
  5. the name of the substance in which the soolute is dissolved

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  1. amorphousa ______ solution is a liquid solution in which water is the solvent


  2. electrolitethe name of the substance that is dissolved in a solution


  3. triple pointthe temperature and pressure at which a compound is in equilibrium between all three phases


  4. alloywater is immisible in oil because water is __________


  5. polarsolids that are malleable and ductile


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