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  1. 3 main resolution principles
  2. Two Universal values.
  3. What prevents us from being good listeners?
  4. How do you show disrespect to others
  5. What are the tests for Right and Wrong?
  1. a Front page test
    Legal test
    Mentor test
  2. b Respect and Responsibility
  3. c Telling them your opinion
  4. d Ends-based thinking
    Rules-based thinking
    Care-based thinking
  5. e We focus on ourselves

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  1. Thank you
  2. Home: Bedroom, bathroom
    Work: Office, cubicle, computer, e-mail, desk
  3. Lord Moulton
  4. "Obedience to the enforceable"
  5. Other's existence

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  1. Basic rule of considerate behavior.Saying Hello


  2. What should you do before you ask someone a person question?Pause,
    Ask if it's your business?
    Could it hurt someone?
    Is it negative?


  3. What areas are generally considered taboo?Front page test
    Legal test
    Mentor test


  4. DilemmaChoice between two alternatives, neither of which would be wholly satisfactory


  5. Tool to give people insight into their interpersonal communication and relationships.Johari Window


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