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  1. Concept of intelligence was dominated by standardized tests
  2. Respond to compliment?
  3. How do you show disrespect to others
  4. Ethical dilemma
  5. "Golden Mean"
  1. a A choice between two rights
  2. b Telling them your opinion
  3. c Thank you
  4. d Multiple Intelligence
  5. e To avoid extremes
    Maintain healthy balance

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  1. Home: Bedroom, bathroom
    Work: Office, cubicle, computer, e-mail, desk
  2. Lord Moulton
  3. Religions, Politics, Money, Personal relationships, Health, Physical appearance
  4. To be accepted by others
  5. We focus on ourselves

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  1. Basic form of acknowledgement?Saying Hello


  2. How to communicate kindness?Smile and body language


  3. 3 main resolution principlesEnds-based thinking
    Rules-based thinking
    Care-based thinking


  4. Tool to give people insight into their interpersonal communication and relationships.Lord Moulton


  5. Basic rule of considerate behavior.Punctuality


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