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  1. Person's privacy: what areas at home or work are these?
  2. Tool to give people insight into their interpersonal communication and relationships.
  3. What are the tests for Right and Wrong?
  4. Chinese characters
  5. 3 main resolution principles
  1. a ear-hear
  2. b Ends-based thinking
    Rules-based thinking
    Care-based thinking
  3. c Johari Window
  4. d Home: Bedroom, bathroom
    Work: Office, cubicle, computer, e-mail, desk
  5. e Front page test
    Legal test
    Mentor test

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  1. Saying Hello
  2. Truth vs. Loyalty
    Justice vs. Mercy
    Long-term vs. Short term
    Individual vs. Community
  3. We focus on ourselves
  4. Thank you
  5. To everything

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  1. How to communicate kindness?Smile and body language


  2. Ethical dilemmaA choice between two rights


  3. Why should we be inclusive?To be accepted by others


  4. Dr. Forni. What should you acknowledge?Other's existence


  5. How do you show disrespect to othersSmile and body language


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