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  1. Consumer Documents
  2. Legend
  3. Round Character
  4. Antagonist
  5. Protagonist
  1. a A fictional story which was passed down from one to another; usually has to do with heroic accomplishments.
  2. b A piece of writing describing a product; usually an electronic device.
  3. c The "hero" of the story; good guy
  4. d The "villan" of the story; bad guy
  5. e A character that is fully described.Tend to be main characters of a story.

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  1. A fictional story passed down from the past; includes many different genres.
  2. The location and time of a story. Can also include whether and scenery.
  3. A fictional story having to do with an event from the past; the setting is a real place from history; can have a mix of fictional characters and historical figures.
  4. A non-fiction piece of writing used to inform.
  5. Tells an event before the story to help better explain the story.

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  1. ExpositionThe intrduction; most characters are introduced and the setting is revealed.


  2. Mythologya comparison between two things that are basically unalike but have some similar qualities. Doesn't use the words like or as.


  3. EssayA non-fiction story on a single topic.


  4. Third Person point pof view - LimitedNarrator isn't a character in the story; all character's thoughts afre revealed.


  5. Flat CharacterAcharacter that is not fully described. Move the story along; minor characters.


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