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  1. Mailed (mail box rule)
  2. Voidabale
  3. Liquidated Damages
  4. Restitution
  5. Implied Contract
  1. a in both contract and tort a remdy that restores the status quo
  2. b
    contract implied in fact, which the law infers from the circumstances , conduct,acts, or the relationshipsof the parties rather than their spoken words. 2. contracts implied in law which are quasi contracts or constructive .
  3. c
    a sum agreed upon by the parties at the time of entering into a contract as being payable by way of compensation for loss suffered by the event of a breech of contract
  4. d
    Acceptance of an offer takes place when the accaptance is mailed
  5. e
    avoidable, subject to disaffirmance, defective but not valid

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  1. A contract that is not written. Unless the asubject of the contract is covered by the statuate of frauds, it is jsut as valid as a written contract

  2. A contract whos terms are stated by the party. (verbal or written)

  3. Rule evidance of fraud contract

  4. A contract that creates no legal rights= no contract at all.

  5. A person who mkaes an offer

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  1. Anticipatory Breach
    the announced intention of a party to a contract that she does not intend to perform her obligations under the contract


  2. Statuate of Frauds
    an obligation imposed by law to achieve equity, contracts imposed by the law usualy to prevent un just enrichment. A legal fiction that a contract exsists.


  3. Competent
    Having legal capacity; capable quallified


  4. Accord of satisfaction
    The reason a person enters into a contract-Vlaue-


  5. Formal Contract
    A signed, written contract


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