Occupational Therapy Context and Environment

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Cultural Context

Customs, beliefs, activity patterns, behavior standards, and expectations accepted by the society of which the individual is a member. Includes political aspects, such as laws that affect access to resources and affirm personal rights. Also includes opportunities for education, employment, and economic support.

Physical Context

Nonhuman aspects of contexts. Includes the accessibility to and performance within
environments having natural terrain, plants, animals, buildings, furniture, objects, tools,
or devices.

Social Context

Availability and expectations of significant individuals, such as spouse, friends, and
caregivers. Also includes larger social groups that are influential in establishing norms,
role expectations, and social routines.

Personal Context

"Features of the individual that are not part of a health condition or health status"
(WHO, 2001, p. 17). Personal context includes age, gender, socioeconomic status,
and educational status.

Spiritual Context

The fundamental orientation of a person's life; that which inspires and motivates
that individual.

Temporal Context

"Location of occupational performance in time" (Neistadt & Crepeau, 1998, p. 292).

Virtual Context

Environment in which communication occurs by means of airways or computers and an
absence of physical contact.

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