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  1. Humoral immunity
  2. Cell mediated immunity
  3. Kupffer's cells
  4. Allergy
  5. Thymus gland
  1. a macrophage found in the spaces between liver cells
  2. b endocrine gland located in the mediastinum, vital part of the bodys immune system
  3. c hypersensitivity of the immune system to relatively harmless invironment
  4. d resistance to disease organisms resulting from the actions of cells, chiefly sensitized t cells
  5. e also antibody mediated immunity

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  1. any family of many identical cells descended from a single parent cell
  2. fused or hybrd cells that continue to produce the same antibody as the orginal lymphocyte
  3. largest lymph vessel in the body
  4. same as nonspecific immunity
  5. Vessels that carry lymph to its eventual return to the circulatory system

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  1. Combining sitesThe body's defense system against disease


  2. Bcellsanother name for t lymphocyte- cells critical to the function of the immune system, produce cell mediated immunity


  3. Specific immunitythe protective mechanisms that provide specific protection against certain types of bacteria or toxins


  4. Intterstitial FluidFluid located in the microscopic spaces between the cells


  5. Inflammatory responseVessels that carry lymph to its eventual return to the circulatory system


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