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  1. Combining sites
  2. Macrophanges
  3. Humoral immunity
  4. Interferon
  5. Thoracic duct
  1. a also antibody mediated immunity
  2. b largest lymph vessel in the body
  3. c phagocytic cells in the immune system
  4. d small proteins produced by the immune system that inhibit virus multiplication
  5. e antigen binding sites, antigen receptor regions on antibody molecule, shape of each combining site is complementary to shape of a specific antigent

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  1. Fluid located in the microscopic spaces between the cells
  2. resistance to disease organisms resulting from the actions of cells, chiefly sensitized t cells
  3. located on each side of the throat
  4. endocrine gland located in the mediastinum, vital part of the bodys immune system
  5. small lymphatic vessels that carry lymphatic fluid away from a lymph node

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  1. Inflammatory responsenonspecific immune process produced in response to injury and resulting in redness, pain, heat and swelling and promoting movement of white blood cells to the affected area


  2. Lymphatic vesselsVessels that carry lymph to its eventual return to the circulatory system


  3. pharyngeal tonsilsalso known as adenoids, can become swollen, near the posterior opening of the nasal cavity


  4. Afferent lymph vesselssmall lymphatic vessels that carry lymphatic fluid away from a lymph node


  5. Adaptive immunitysame as nonspecific immunity


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