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  1. Kupffer's cells
  2. Humoral immunity
  3. Lymph nodes
  4. Combining sites
  5. Intterstitial Fluid
  1. a also antibody mediated immunity
  2. b biological filtration of lymph on its way to the circulatory system
  3. c antigen binding sites, antigen receptor regions on antibody molecule, shape of each combining site is complementary to shape of a specific antigent
  4. d Fluid located in the microscopic spaces between the cells
  5. e macrophage found in the spaces between liver cells

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  1. small proteins produced by the immune system that inhibit virus multiplication
  2. phagocytic cells in the immune system
  3. rapid fire series of chemical reactions involving proteins called complements (normal present in blood plasma) which are triggered by certain antibody antigen reactions (and other stimuli) and resulting in the formation of tiny protein rings that create holes in a foreign cell and thus cause its destruction
  4. any family of many identical cells descended from a single parent cell
  5. same as nonspecific immunity

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  1. Inflammatory responsecell that remains in resrve in the lymph nodes until its ability to secrete antibodyes is needed


  2. Efferent lymph vesselssmall lymphatic vessels that carry lymphatic fluid away from a lymph node


  3. Specific immunitythe protective mechanisms that provide specific protection against certain types of bacteria or toxins


  4. Lingual tonsilsalso known as adenoids, can become swollen, near the posterior opening of the nasal cavity


  5. Antibody mediated immunityimmunity that is produced when antibodes make antigens unable to harm the body


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