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  1. What was the Levee en Masse and why was it enacted?
  2. How did French society change during the most radical phase of the Revolution?
  3. Olympe de Gouges
  4. The Directory
  5. What problems did Napoleon's forces face when they invaded Russia?
  1. a - High expectations
    - Lack of supplies, roads, foraging.
    - Russians used scorched earth tactic, destroying towns and villages so French could not use them.
    - Harsh weather conditions.
  2. b - De-Christianization
    - Revolutionary Calendar.
    - No God, No Religion, No King, No Constitution.
  3. c A proponent of democracy, she demanded the same rights for French women that French men were demanding for themselves. In her Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen (1791), she challenged the practice of male authority and the notion of male-female inequality. She lost her life to the guillotine due to her revolutionary ideas.
  4. d established after the Reign of Terror / National Convention; a five man group as the executive branch of the country; incompetent and corrupt, only lasted for 4 years
  5. e Levee en Masse was the recruitment of men in the need to fight against European enemies. This was since the Coalition was formed against France.

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  1. French nobles who fled from France during the peasant uprisings. They were very conservative and hoped to restore the king to power.
  2. A violent mob that overtook Paris in the September of 1792 and killed half of the prison population of Paris.
    Took place because the attackers suspected the prisoners were counter-nationalists and were plotting against the French republic/revolution.
  3. Supporter of the Monarchy government.
  4. This was the civil code put out by Napoleon that granted equality of all male citizens before the law and granted absolute security of wealth and private property. Napoleon also secured this by creating the Bank of France which loyally served the interests of both the state and the financial oligarchy
  5. the great draft started by the French government to gather as many men as possible for their European wars

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  1. What was the purpose of the Committee of Public Safety?- French army destroyed
    - Napoleon flees.


  2. What problems did Napoleon's forces encounter on the Iberian Peninsula?His decision to attempt to invade Russia, defeats at Waterloo and Leipzig.


  3. What was the directory and how did the course of the Revolution change under its governance?The directory was the new government that was enacted after the Reign of Terror.
    -Five man group as the executive branch of the country; incompetent and corrupt, only lasted for 4 years


  4. Bread RiotsReason women march on Palace of Versailles


  5. GuillotineDelegates in the National Convention who favored a republic but feared domination by Paris. Rivals of the Mountain and Jacobins.


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