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  1. Royalists
  2. What factors contributed to the growing unrest that led to the outbreak of the Revolution.
  3. March to Versailles
  4. Continental System
  5. Reign of Terror
  1. a Supporter of the Monarchy government.
  2. b Napoleon's efforts to block foreign trade with England by forbidding Importation of British goods Into Europe.
  3. c - Privileged classes who did not have to pay taxes.
    - The King and Queens lavish spending.
  4. d this event took place during the Great Fear. Women marched to Versailles to demand bread from the king and queen. They also demanded the king and queen to return to Paris to rule there. They then forced the king's family out of the palace.
  5. e the period, from mid-1793 to mid-1794, when Robespierre ruled France nearly as a dictator and thousands of political figures and ordinary citizens were executed

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  1. The tiny island that Napoleon was granted after his abdication. Off the coast of Italy.
  2. French nobles who fled from France during the peasant uprisings. They were very conservative and hoped to restore the king to power.
  3. French revolutionary leader who stormed the Paris Bastille and who supported the execution of Louis XVI but was guillotined by Robespierre for his opposition to the Reign of Terror (1759-1794)
  4. • Life returns to "normal"
    • Churches reopen; émigrés return
    • Revolution becomes more moderate after
    death of Robes./end of R. of T.
    • New constitution/govt= the Directory
    (11/1795—11/1799—ends w/Nap's coup)
    • 5 directors (exec) & legislature of property
    owning males
    • Remembered for corruption/inefficiency
  5. • Despite early treaty, Russia continues to
    trade w/England
    • Napoleon decides to invade
    • Amasses army of ~500,000 (422,000-
    • Invasion begins in June, 1812
    • Remembered as one of history's greatest
    military disasters

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  1. The Levee En Massethe great draft started by the French government to gather as many men as possible for their European wars


  2. What was the purpose of the Committee of Public Safety?The leaders under Robespierre who organized the defenses of France, conducted foreign policy, and centralized authority during the period 1792-1795 and the oversaw the Reign of Terror


  3. Legislative Assembly1791—1792: War w/
    Austria; Sept. Massacres; rise of Paris


  4. How/why did the French change their calendar during the Revolution?- More secularized government.
    - Declaration of the rights of man and citizen still used.
    - French Republic
    - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.


  5. The Consulateanother term for "classes" of people [the clergy (first estate), nobles (second estate), townspeople & peasants (third estate)]


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