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World History French Revolution and Napoleon Test

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  1. Guerrilla Warfare
  2. What were the September Massacres and why did they take place?
  3. Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen
  4. What was the purpose of the revolutionary policy of de-Christianization?
  5. August 4th, 1789
  1. a - To ban the public exercise of religion.
    - Completely separate Church from State.
  2. b This is the date the National Assembly ended the Old Regime, feudalism, church tithes and the special privileges of the First/Second Estates
  3. c A violent mob that overtook Paris in the September of 1792 and killed half of the prison population of Paris.
    Took place because the attackers suspected the prisoners were counter-nationalists and were plotting against the French republic/revolution.
  4. d a hit-and-run technique used in fighting a war; fighting by small bands of warriors using tactics such as sudden ambushes
  5. e written by Olympe de Gouges, stated women had same rights as men (reaction to Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen), National Assembly ignored it.

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  1. • Old Regime - socio-political system which
    existed in most of Europe during the 18th century
    • Countries were ruled by absolutism - the
    monarch had absolute control over the
    • Classes of people - privileged and unprivileged
    - Unprivileged people - paid taxes and treated badly
    - Privileged people - did not pay taxes and treated
  2. - Privileged classes who did not have to pay taxes.
    - The King and Queens lavish spending.
  3. -abolished Sundays & religious holidays.
    -months named after seasonal features.
    -7-day weeks replaced by 10-day
    -the yearly calendar was dated from
    the creation of the Republic
    [Sept. 22, 1792]
    The Convention divorced the
    state from the Church.
  4. Napoleon's efforts to block foreign trade with England by forbidding Importation of British goods Into Europe.
  5. Supporter of the Monarchy government.

5 True/False Questions

  1. How did French society change during the most radical phase of the Revolution?- More secularized government.
    - Declaration of the rights of man and citizen still used.
    - French Republic
    - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.


  2. Jean-Paul MaratIn the French Revolution, the moderate deputies in the National Convention. They formed the majority of the assembly's members and were essential to the passage of any measures. Led by Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyes, the Plain initially voted with the moderate Girondins but later joined the Mountain in voting for the execution of Louis XVI. However, in 1794 they helped overthrow Robespierre and other extreme Jacobins.


  3. Scorched Earthmilitary policy of destroying everything in the path so it can't be used by the enemy


  4. Sans Cullottesanother term for "classes" of people [the clergy (first estate), nobles (second estate), townspeople & peasants (third estate)]


  5. Reign of Terrorthe period, from mid-1793 to mid-1794, when Robespierre ruled France nearly as a dictator and thousands of political figures and ordinary citizens were executed


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