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The foramen ovale

What connects the two atria in the fetal heart?

if the father is Rh negative

When can erythroblastosis fetalis not possibly happen in the child of an Rh negative mother?

it is about 90% water

Which of the following is true about blood plasma?

tunica media

Which tunic of an artery is most responsible for maintaining blood pressure and continuous blood circulation?

closure of the heart valves

Normal heart sounds are caused by which of the following events?

The AV valves are supported by chordae tendineae so that they do not blow back up into the atria during ventricular contraction

Select the correct statement about the heart valves?

pernicious anemia

A lack of intrinsic factor, leading to a deficiency of vitamin B12 and large pale cells called macrocytes, is characteristic of ----------.

increases as blood viscosity increases

Peripheral resistance--------.

stick to the damaged area of a blood vessel and help seal the break


maintenance of body temperature

Which of the following is a protective function of blood?

systolic pressure minus diastolic pressure

The pulse pressure is ---------.

AV node

Damage to the ---------- is referred to as heart block.


What organ in the body regulates erythrocyte production?

muscular arteries

The arteries that are also called distributing arteries are the ---------.

pulmonary trunk

Which vessel of the heart receives blood during right ventricular systole?

membranes "wear out" and the cells become damaged

As red blood cells age ------------.

skin color

Which of the following factors does not influence heart rate?

can receive any blood type in moderate amounts except that with the Rh antigen

An individual who is blood type AB negative ---------.

papillary muscles

Small muscle masses attached to the chordae tendineae are the -------------.

pump blood with greater pressure

the left ventricular wall of the heart is thicker than the right wall in order to ----------.

the myocardium is the layer of the heart that actually contracts

Select the correct statement about the structure of the heart wall?

hepatic portal circulation

The circulatory route that runs from the digestive tract to the liver is called the ------------

form more freely than arterial anastomoses

Venous anastomoses --------------.

significant because resistance is inversely proportional to the fourth power of the vessel radius

The influence of blood vessel diameter on peripheral resistance is ----------------.

red marrow is the main site of blood cell formation throughout adult life

Select the correct statement regarding blood cell formation.


Permitting the exchange of nutrients and gases between the blood and tissue cells is the primary function of -------------.

increases when environmental temperature rises

Blood flow to the skin ---------------.

isovolumetric relaxation

The second heart sound is heard during which phase of the cardiac cycle?

angina pectoris

The term for pain associated with deficient blood delivery to the heart that may be caused by the transient spasm of coronary arteries -------------.

left atrium

Blood within the pulmonary veins returns to the ------------.


Together, leukocytes and platelets compromise approximately -------- perent of total blood volume.


The most abundant plasma protein is ----------.

hypoxia of EPO-producing cells

Which of the following might trigger erythropoiesis?

AV valve

Which of the following is not part of the conduction system of the heart?

low blood viscosity

All of the following can be expected with polycythemia except ----------.

There are no antibodies to A, to B, or to Rh antigens in the plasma

Fred's blood was determined to be AB positive. What does this mean?

the vessel selected to palpate

Which of the following do not influence arterial pulse rate?


Which blood type is called the universal donor?

All carry blood away from the heart

Which statement best describes arteries?

they are nucleated

Which of the following is characteristic of all leukocytes?

carries nutrient-rich blood to the liver

The hepatic portal vein ---------------.

are abundant in the skin and skeletal muscles

Continuous capillaries ---------------.

atrial depolarization

The P wave of a normal electrocardiogram indicates --------------.

tunica intima

Which tunic of an artery contains endothelium?

contains a lubricating fluid called serous fluid

The pericardial cavity ----------------.


What is the average normal pH of blood?


blood is a --------------.

a lowering of blood pressure due to change in cardiac output

Hemorrhage with a large loss of blood causes -------------------.

when the ventricle is in systole

The tricuspid valve is closed -----------------------.

both the aorta and pulmonary trunk

Blood ejected from the ventricles enters which of these vessels during ventricular systole?

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