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  1. physiologic population density
  2. economic interdependence
  3. tributaries
  4. colonialism
  5. micro-entrepreneur
  1. a the streams that flow into a river
  2. b a condition in which countries have strong economic ties and depend on each other for resources, technology, trade, and investment
  3. c a person who starts and runs a very small business
  4. d a system in which one country rules another country as a colony. the controlling country controls trade with its colony for its own benefit
  5. e the population of a country divided by its arable land area

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  1. a resource that can't be used up or that can be replaced as quickly as it is used up
  2. the part of the economy in which goods and services are exchanged outside of government control. people in this often sell goods on the street or in a street market
  3. the gradual wearing away of Earth's surface by the action of wind, water, ice, and gravity
  4. the number of people or animals the environment can support
  5. the process of adjusting to lower oxygen levels at high elevation

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  1. zero population growtha condition in which the population of a country does not grow but remains stable. birth rate + immigration = death rate + emigration


  2. exposurethe gradual wearing away of Earth's surface by the action of wind, water, ice, and gravity


  3. rate of natural increasethe annual rate of population growth. birth rate - death rate = this (does not include people moving in/out of a country)


  4. arable landland suitable for growing crops


  5. salinizationthe buildup of salt in soil or water


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