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  1. carrying capacity
  2. comparative advantage
  3. physical processes
  4. situation
  5. marginal land
  1. a natural forces that change Earth's physical features, including forces that build up and wear down Earth's surface
  2. b land that is not well suited for farming
  3. c the number of people or animals the environment can support
  4. d the ability of one country to produce a good or provide a service at a lower cost or more effectively than another country
  5. e the way a place is positioned in relation to its wider surroundings

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  1. the movement of plates below Earth's surface
  2. the streams that flow into a river
  3. an area that is set apart from other places by the way of life and the people who live there
  4. the specific place where something is located, including its physical setting
  5. the largest and most important city in a country; has at least twice the population of the next largest city. a center of economic power and national culture

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  1. orographic effectthe study of human populations, including how they change due to births, deaths, aging, and migration


  2. total fertility rate (TFR)a place of great natural or cultural value that has been placed on UNESCO's list


  3. environmental degradationa system that allows for the year-round watering of crops


  4. river systema river and all the streams that flow into it


  5. exposurethe harmful effects of cold, wind, or other extreme weather conditions


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