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  1. World Heritage site
  2. carrying capacity
  3. groundwater
  4. renewable resource
  5. perennial irrigation
  1. a a system that allows for the year-round watering of crops
  2. b water lying deep under the ground that supplies wells and springs. over half the people in the world depend on this for their drinking water
  3. c the number of people or animals the environment can support
  4. d a place of great natural or cultural value that has been placed on UNESCO's list
  5. e a resource that can't be used up or that can be replaced as quickly as it is used up

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  1. a force that unites people and countries
  2. long periods with very little or no rain
  3. a city that is the governmental center of a country or a region
  4. land suitable for growing crops
  5. the average age that a person in a given population can expect to live to

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  1. demographylong periods with very little or no rain


  2. primate citythe largest and most important city in a country; has at least twice the population of the next largest city. a center of economic power and national culture


  3. faminethe gradual wearing away of Earth's surface by the action of wind, water, ice, and gravity


  4. information technology (IT)the part of the economy in which goods and services are exchanged outside of government control. people in this often sell goods on the street or in a street market


  5. physiologic population densitythe population of a country divided by its total land area


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