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  1. Sanctum
  2. Administer
  3. Migratory
  4. Invincible
  5. Impel
  1. a force; move
  2. b place safe from intrusion; sacred place
  3. c manage the affairs of; treat disease with; deliver; direct the taking of
  4. d that cannot be defeated
  5. e moving from region to region

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  1. person claiming to be what he is not
  2. cunning
  3. weapons of war
  4. a tin and lead mixture
  5. curved

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  1. Lunarcunning


  2. Dehydrateremove the water from


  3. Pronelying face down, tending


  4. Dellgrimly or ironically humorous


  5. Rangydiplomatic officer ranked below ambassador; messenger


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