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  1. choleric
  2. dormant
  3. dissuade
  4. disconsolate
  5. fawning
  1. a (adj) without hope; unhappy; dejected
  2. b (adj) sleeping, quiet as if asleep, inactive
  3. c (vt) advise (a person) against something; turn from something by persuasion
  4. d (adj) seeking favor or flattery, showing affection (especially a dog)
  5. e (adj) easily made angry, irritable, wrathful

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  1. (adj) required; obligatory
  2. (vt) to denounce strongly
  3. (n) departure from the general rule or usual method
  4. (n) excess; superabundance; a bodily condition characterized by an excess of blood
  5. (n) freedom from pride and arrogance; state of being humble in spirit

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  1. senility(n) old age, the weakness of old age


  2. juxtaposition(n) side-by-side placement


  3. uncouth(adj) awkward, clumsy, crude


  4. beatific(adj making blessed, blissful


  5. requisite(adj) needed, required, neccesary


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