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  1. synchronize
  2. telepathy
  3. dispel
  4. invidious
  5. expel
  1. a (vt) force out; eject
  2. b (vt) disperse; scatter; drive away
  3. c (n) communication from one mind to another without speech
  4. d (vt) cause to agree in time
  5. e (adj) hateful; likely to cause ill will

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  1. (adj) required; obligatory
  2. (vt) remove completely, destroy totally, eradicate
  3. (adj) almost worthless, petty, insignificant
  4. (n) generosity
  5. (adj) regularly found among a certain people

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  1. insipid(adj) hateful; likely to cause ill will


  2. chimerical(adj) easily made angry, irritable, wrathful


  3. choleric(vt) make less by gradually using up (as resources, strength, finances)


  4. uncouth(adj) using few words, concise


  5. conscientious(adj) aware; able to feel


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