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  1. verbiage
  2. euphemism
  3. chaotic
  4. invidious
  5. quer, quest, quir, quis
  1. a (n) wordiness; words in excess of those needed for clarity or precision
  2. b (adj) in great confusion, disorder
  3. c (adj) hateful; likely to cause ill will
  4. d (n) substitution of a mild expression for a harsh or offensive one; the expression so substituted
  5. e ask, seek, inquire

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  1. push; drive; force
  2. (adj) cloudy; hazy; misty; vague; cloudlike
  3. (adj) easily made angry, irritable, wrathful
  4. (vt) destroy a large part of
  5. (n) a thorough examination or investigation

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  1. proclivity(n) tendency


  2. diatribe(n) bitter, violent attack; tirade


  3. craven(adj) cowardly
    (n) coward


  4. dissuade(vt) destroy a large part of


  5. heterogeneous(adj) kindly, charitable


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