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  1. synergistic
  2. dormant
  3. adamant
  4. modicum
  5. query
  1. a (n) small quantity
  2. b (adj) cooperating; interacting; working together to achieve an effect which each is individually incapable of producing
  3. c (adj) sleeping, quiet as if asleep, inactive
  4. d (n) an imaginary stone of impenetrable hardness; an unbreakable obstacle
    (adj) unyielding; obstinate
  5. e (n) an inquiry, a question

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  1. (n) young bird just able to fly; young, inexperienced person
  2. (n) supporter; favorer; advocate
  3. (adj) full of meaning, saying much in few words
  4. (vt) make less by gradually using up (as resources, strength, finances)
  5. (n) quality of springing back; the ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune

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  1. dissuade(vt) advise (a person) against something; turn from something by persuasion


  2. vacillating(adj) inclined to waver or totter


  3. component(vt) force; command


  4. adjacent(adj) nearby; next to


  5. belated(adj) delayed, too late


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