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  1. unfeigned
  2. unmitigated
  3. dormant
  4. aberrant
  5. meticulous
  1. a (adj) not softened or lessened in severity; sheer; utter
  2. b (adj) irregular; abnormal; straying from the right
  3. c (adj) sincere, real
  4. d (adj) unduly or excessively careful of small details
  5. e (adj) sleeping, quiet as if asleep, inactive

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  1. (adj) wild and strange, very fanciful, very odd, irrational
  2. (adj) having universal knowledge; infinitely wise
  3. (n) old age, the weakness of old age
  4. (n) agreement; harmony
  5. (adj) favorably disposed; of good omen; auspicious

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  1. inquisition(n) a ceasing or stopping


  2. quer, quest, quir, quis(adj) complaining, fault-finding


  3. compel(vt) force; command


  4. adjacent(adj) nearby; next to


  5. proponent(n) supporter; favorer; advocate


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