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  1. cupidity
  2. symmetry
  3. omniscient
  4. conscious
  5. exonerate
  1. a (n) balance of form or proportion; similarity of form or arrangement on either side of a dividing line or plane
  2. b (vt) free from blame; declare innocent
  3. c (n) greed; avarice; inordinate desire, especially for wealth
  4. d (adj) aware; able to feel
  5. e (adj) having universal knowledge; infinitely wise

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  1. (adj) sincere, real
  2. (vt) cause to agree in time
  3. (n) excess; superabundance; a bodily condition characterized by an excess of blood
  4. (n) young bird just able to fly; young, inexperienced person
  5. (vt) disperse; scatter; drive away

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  1. scifeeling; suffering; disease


  2. unison(n) agreement; harmony


  3. proclivity(n) person who believes in establishing and maintaining universal peace by peaceful means


  4. deplete(adj) disagreeable; driving back; repugnant


  5. pell, pulsplace, put


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