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  1. component
  2. minuscule
  3. unmitigated
  4. adjacent
  5. impose
  1. a (vt) put a burden on; obtrude or force (oneself, for example) upon another
    (vi) take unfair advantage of something or someone (used with on or upon)
  2. b (n) one of the parts that make up a whole
  3. c (adj) not softened or lessened in severity; sheer; utter
  4. d (adj) very small; tiny; minute
  5. e (adj) nearby; next to

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  1. (vt) advise (a person) against something; turn from something by persuasion
  2. (n) generosity
  3. (n) riches; wealth; opulence
  4. (adj) seeking favor or flattery, showing affection (especially a dog)
  5. (n) tendency

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  1. inquisition(n) a thorough examination or investigation


  2. introspection(n) a looking into one's mind, feelings; observation and analysis of oneself


  3. exonerate(vt) free from blame; declare innocent


  4. dolorous(adj) without form; shapeless


  5. catalyst(n) something causing reaction or change while itself remains unchanged


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