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  1. Popol Vuh
  2. Dutch East India Company
  3. magnetic compass
  4. Kukulkan Pyramid
  5. Social structure of Spanish colonies
  1. a Chinese invention that helped sailors determine their direction (N/S/E/W)
  2. b in Chichen Itza (Mayan); had 365 steps, one for each day of the year; devoted to the serpent god and designed to display a shadow of a serpent on the steps
  3. c Mayan book; written after the arrival of the Spanish
  4. d Peninsulares, Creoles, Mestizo, Indians
  5. e allowed to raise their own army and establish trading ports throughout Asia, soon faced competition from British and French; colonize India/Asia

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  1. done by Mayan kings- pull rope laced with thorns through genitals and tongue; royal blood believed to bring rain and sun; resulted in easy spread of Christianity among Maya because idea of a god shedding blood for his people not new to them
  2. read by Spanish conquistadors to Native Americans upon first contact- document they read telling them to acknowledge Church as ruler of world and if you don't, we'll make war with you; not very Christian of them, Native Americans don't even speak Spanish so the Spanish take everything; use religion as a way to take gold
  3. Set the Line of Demarcation which was a boundary established in 1493 to define Spanish and Portuguese possessions in the Americas. imaginary line, East (Asia) to Portugal, West (Americas) to Spain; not their word to divide! people think its unfair because they want the world too, and the natives have no say
  4. belief of many gods
  5. 1/4 top of Spanish social pyramid in colonies; born in Spain, have best jobs and land

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  1. Inca Religionworship nature gods of moon, stars, thunder, etc. men and women selected to serve as full-time religious workers; sacrificed llamas and distribute goods to people


  2. Chavinbelieved to be the first Americans; named after spearheads-Clovis points- found in Clovis, New Mexico (9500 BCE)


  3. Toltecrose to power in 900 after Teotihuacan in Valley of Mexico (Central Mexico); capital of Tula; warlike people; empire based on conquest0 pillars of armed warriors; worshipped war god who demanded blood and human sacrifice; 1000- a ruler sought to end sacrifice; warrior class unhappy (culture based on war) so they overthrew Topiltzin and forced him into exile; collapses --> Aztec


  4. Inca Empiregolden age in 1500s; South America; began in Valley of Cuzco;; believed king was descendant of sun god (Inti); expanded to include 2500 mi and 16 million people; united empire through bureaucracy, road system, single spoken language (Quechua), record keeping system, school system that taught values; government offices built throughout empire of stone without use of iron tools or mortar (chiseled away stone to fit blocks together, like puzzle pieces); had terraces for farming, 14,000 mi of roads and brigbes- even had guest houses for the travelers, had chasquis; never developed writing system- history and literature memorized and passed on orally; worship nature gods


  5. Glyphsused in Inca empire by chasquis to transport numerical information; set of knotted strings used to record data; knots and position on string indicated numbers, colors of the strings represented different categories of info (ex. red for warriors, yellow for gold)


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