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  1. Ulama
  2. codex
  3. Bering Strait
  4. Machu Picchu
  5. Impact of Corn and Potatoes
  1. a Ceremonial Mayan ball game believe to maintain the cycle of the sun and moon (can't use heads/feet, use body to hit heavy rubber doll through hoop); losers (often POWs deprived of food and sleep) sacrificed
  2. b Incan city; important religious center or possibly retreat for Incan rulers; very beautiful, peaceful, in the mountains
  3. c corn and potatoes from Americas to Europe were cheap and nutritious; helped people live longer and increased the world's population
  4. d after glaciers receded, sea levels rose and Beringia flooded with water; separated Americas from Asia
  5. e bark paper books of Maya where Mayans recorded information on stones and bark paper

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  1. in Pensilvania, earlier than Clovis and Monte Verde (13,000 BC), 1,000 years before the glacial passage
  2. in Europe; led to by new wealth from America and growth in overseas trade
  3. Emperor (governs whole empire of 15 million people), nobles (gov. officials, generals, religious leaders), commoners (merchatns, artisans, soldiers, land owning farmers), enslaved persons
  4. envious of Portugal's success; set out to find own passage to Asia; Christopher Columbus; competed with Portuguese as a result of claims made by Ferdinand Magellan; decided to establish colonies in the Western Hemisphere, particularly American mainland, after conquering Aztec and Inca, set up colonies in Americas
  5. 1) obtained as much gold and silver as possible
    2) established a favorable balance of trade

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  1. command economyInca-little private trade allowed


  2. Quetzalcoatlgod of light and peace, first brought to attention by Topiltzin, a ruler of the Toltec in 1000 AD; with the god Tezcatlipoca, represents the forces of evil and good and struggle between them; legend said he went to East, but vowed to return


  3. Oaxaca Mountain Valleywhere the Zapotec began; fertile soil, mild climate, ample rainfall- Meditteranean climate


  4. Cactus hillin Virginia, artifacts date to 15,000 BC- 3,000 years before the glacial passage (older than Clovis, Monte Verde, Meodowcroft)


  5. 3 ways colonies benefit mother countriessailed for Spain, sought to find Asia by sailing west across Atlantic Ocean; in 1492, reached island in Carribean; opened the way for European colonization of the Americas


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