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  1. Teotihuacan
  2. Quetzalcoatl
  3. Zapotec
  4. terrace
  5. Cactus hill
  1. a 500 BC-600 AD; new civilization in Oaxaca Valley after Olmec collapsed; developed hieroglyphics and a calendar system based on movement of the sun (connection to Maya- Maya has unique glyphs); first appearance of writing in America, early hints for potential Mayan calendar; built first major urban center in Americas- Monte Alban (stone pyramids, temples, observatory); declined around 600 AD; influenced later civilizations because of hieroglyphics, calendar, urban centers
  2. b god of light and peace, first brought to attention by Topiltzin, a ruler of the Toltec in 1000 AD; with the god Tezcatlipoca, represents the forces of evil and good and struggle between them; legend said he went to East, but vowed to return
  3. c in Virginia, artifacts date to 15,000 BC- 3,000 years before the glacial passage (older than Clovis, Monte Verde, Meodowcroft)
  4. d city-state in Valley of Mexico; larger than Monte Alban (Zapotec) because it had 200,000 people; central avenue lined with pyramids dedicated to various gods, largest was Pyramid of the Sun; abandoned around 750
  5. e built by ayllus (Inca) as part of their mita, used to increase agricultural production; steps on side of a mountain

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  1. allowed to raise their own army and establish trading ports throughout Asia, soon faced competition from British and French; colonize India/Asia
  2. king governs empire; bureaucracy; total control over the economy- command economy (little private trade allowed) ;each subject had to pay mita (labor tribute)
  3. extended family groups of the Inca who worked together to complete a mita
  4. Inca, son of Huayna Capac (civil war); defeated his brother Huascar, drank from his brother's skull; he was emperor at time of Spanish arrival
  5. Incan messengers- carried messages across empire- sprinter ran several miles, passed message off to a new runenr; could travel up to 250 mi in a day (like a relay race); no writing system so oral messages; blew a shell to announce when they came; transport numerical information using a quipu

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  1. Olmecrose to power in 900 after Teotihuacan in Valley of Mexico (Central Mexico); capital of Tula; warlike people; empire based on conquest0 pillars of armed warriors; worshipped war god who demanded blood and human sacrifice; 1000- a ruler sought to end sacrifice; warrior class unhappy (culture based on war) so they overthrew Topiltzin and forced him into exile; collapses --> Aztec


  2. TikalMayan city-state whose buildings lined up with specific celestial movements (astronomical city map)


  3. Hernando Cortes1/4 top of Spanish social pyramid in colonies; born in Spain, have best jobs and land


  4. Intisun god of Inca; only men from one of the 11 lineages believed to be descendants of him could be chosen king


  5. Christopher Columbussailed for Spain, sought to find Asia by sailing west across Atlantic Ocean; in 1492, reached island in Carribean; opened the way for European colonization of the Americas


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