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  1. Ferdinand Magellan
  2. command economy
  3. Chavin
  4. Bartolome de Las Casas
  5. Beringia
  1. a Inca-little private trade allowed
  2. b land bridge that connected Americas to Asia in las ice age; glaciers reduced sea levels and exposed ocean floor, so in 12,000 BC, hunter-gatherers followed animals across the land brige; glaciers receded afterwards, so it was covered with water, became the Bering Strait
  3. c Spanish monk who criticized the encomienda system and the brutal treatment of Native Americans, which resulted in the Spanish abolishing the encomienda system (convinced king to end it because of atrocities) but they needed labor; suggested use of Africans (less likely to die from European diseases), regretted the suggestion (didn't know they would be treated as badly/worse) because slave trade increased dramatically 8responsible for African slave trade*
  4. d was Spanish, but sailed for Portugal; 1519-1522, led a crew of 270 men (18 survived) Spain-->S. America-->looked for water way, found the "Strait of Magellan"-->Pacific-->Phillipines -- >Africa-->Spain; first to circumnavigate the globe; mutiny between 3/5 boats' captains broke out, was unsuccessful (people who tried to betray him were left in S. America)
  5. e 900-200 BC; first known civilization in the Andes; mother culture of South America; pyramids, earthen mounds, art, pottery, religion

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  1. 14,000 mi, united the empire; up mountain sides in a zigzag formation to reduce steepness of the climb- Inca have larger lungs (in higher elevation, less O2)
  2. in Cuzco (Inca); sacred shrine, walls coated in gold to reflect the sun
  3. site where tools and a foot print dating to 10,500 BC found; in Chile; older than Clovis
  4. public, central part of Aztec religion; sacrifices made to sun god (Huitzilopochtli) to ensure that the sun would rise and that life will continue; 50,000 sacrified each year on alter on top of the Great Temple; need for people to sacrifice necessitated conquest; cut out hearts, throw off the temple
  5. 2/4 in Spanish social pyramid in colonies; born in America to two Spanish parents, have good (but not best) jobs and land; not as important because not born in home country

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  1. Andes Mountainsin South America; stretch 4,500 mi down western edge; soil poor, snow covered mountain peaks year round, voerland travel difficult, hot during day and cold at night (Chavin, Nazca, Moche, Inca)


  2. Olmec100-700 AD; civilization along coastal plane of S. America; produced bean, corn, squash, fed on fish of Pacific; gold jewelry and beautiful pottery; doctors operated on patients- conducted brain surgery (people survived)


  3. NazcaCeremonial Mayan ball game believe to maintain the cycle of the sun and moon (can't use heads/feet, use body to hit heavy rubber doll through hoop); losers (often POWs deprived of food and sleep) sacrificed


  4. Inca Governmentking governs empire; bureaucracy; total control over the economy- command economy (little private trade allowed) ;each subject had to pay mita (labor tribute)


  5. Inca Religionworship nature gods of moon, stars, thunder, etc. men and women selected to serve as full-time religious workers; sacrificed llamas and distribute goods to people


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