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  1. Incan roads
  2. Inca Religion
  3. Glyphs
  4. Montezuma II
  5. Oaxaca Mountain Valley
  1. a 14,000 mi, united the empire; up mountain sides in a zigzag formation to reduce steepness of the climb- Inca have larger lungs (in higher elevation, less O2)
  2. b worship nature gods of moon, stars, thunder, etc. men and women selected to serve as full-time religious workers; sacrificed llamas and distribute goods to people
  3. c 800 of these hieroglyphic symbols in the Mayan writing system; stood for words and syllables
  4. d emperor of the Aztec during Spanish arrival; during his reign, several Aztec provinces revolted and refused to pay tribute/victims, military struggled to put down the rebellions; arrival of the Spanish (some thought this was reutrn of Quetzalcoatl), end of Aztec civilization
  5. e where the Zapotec began; fertile soil, mild climate, ample rainfall- Meditteranean climate

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  1. Only men from one of the 11 lineages believed to be descendants of sun god Inti could be chosen as king; wore clothes only once (burned after use); after they died, remained important part of Inca life- mummies consulted before making important decisions; mummies retained all property--> new kings must conquer new territory for themselves (but they govern all the land)
  2. 100-700 AD; civilization along coastal plane of S. America; produced bean, corn, squash, fed on fish of Pacific; gold jewelry and beautiful pottery; doctors operated on patients- conducted brain surgery (people survived)
  3. Inca, son of Huayna Capac (civil war); defeated his brother Huascar, drank from his brother's skull; he was emperor at time of Spanish arrival
  4. belief of many gods
  5. Incan messengers- carried messages across empire- sprinter ran several miles, passed message off to a new runenr; could travel up to 250 mi in a day (like a relay race); no writing system so oral messages; blew a shell to announce when they came; transport numerical information using a quipu

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  1. command economyInca-little private trade allowed


  2. Impact of Corn and Potatoescorn and potatoes from Americas to Europe were cheap and nutritious; helped people live longer and increased the world's population


  3. Dutch and Englishcompeted with Portugal and Spain for the control of the Asian spice trade


  4. Hernando CortesMaya threw people into these, seen as portals into underworld (caves)


  5. Aztec Empiresite where tools and a foot print dating to 10,500 BC found; in Chile; older than Clovis


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