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  1. Great Pyramid at La Venta
  2. self-sufficient
  3. favorable balance of trade
  4. Inti
  5. Mestizo
  1. a what a mother country became as a result of mercantilism using colonies
  2. b found in a nation that exports more goods than it imports
  3. c sun god of Inca; only men from one of the 11 lineages believed to be descendants of him could be chosen king
  4. d served as a tomb for a powerful Olmec ruler, observatory, or a religious center
  5. e 3/4 in Spanish social pyramid in colonies; had a Spanish parent and a Native American parent (usually a Spanish man/native woman); often discriminated against and were lower class laborers (jobs no one else wanted)

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  1. ruler of Inca during golden age (1500s); death from small pox unleased civil war between his two suns
  2. rule Valley of Mexico after the Toltec collapse; nomads from northern Mexico, according to legend, sun god told Aztec to settle and create a city in a certain place, which was an island in Lake Texcoco, where they ended up building their great city Tenochtitlan; rigid social class; 15 million people; power based on military conquest and tribute (food/gold, human sacrifice); if any region failed to pay tribute, Aztec destroyed the village and sacrificed the inhabitants
  3. each city contained temples, pyramids, and a ceremonial ball court for ulama
  4. sailed for Spain, sought to find Asia by sailing west across Atlantic Ocean; in 1492, reached island in Carribean; opened the way for European colonization of the Americas
  5. first American civilization; 1200-400 BC; in mesoamerica- coast of gulf of mexico; known as the "mother culture"; lived on coastal land- swamps and jungles; abundant resources (clay, wood, stone, fertile soil); cities served as centers of trade, residential living, and religious rituals; built pyramids, earthen mounds, sculptures; GIANT STONE HEADS, half-human, half-jaguar worshipped (represented power or fertility); great pyramid; collpased by 400 BC because attacked by outsiders or destroyed cities upon death of leaders; influenced civilizations with art, jaguar worship, urban designs, ceremonial centers, and ritual ball games

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  1. mercantilisman economic policy under which nations sought to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by selling more goods than they bought


  2. PortugalMayan city-state whose buildings lined up with specific celestial movements (astronomical city map)


  3. Andes Mountainsin South America; stretch 4,500 mi down western edge; soil poor, snow covered mountain peaks year round, voerland travel difficult, hot during day and cold at night (Chavin, Nazca, Moche, Inca)


  4. Monte Verdebuilt by ayllus (Inca) as part of their mita, used to increase agricultural production; steps on side of a mountain


  5. Francisco PizarroSpanish explorer who conquered the Incas, inspired by Cortes; captured Atahualpa (emperor), no casualties in his 200 men, but killed 6000 Inca; Atahualpa promised to fill a room with silver and gold to be released, filled room multiple times, Spansih didn't release him, they strangled him


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