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  1. Nazca
  2. Kukulkan Pyramid
  3. Oaxaca Mountain Valley
  4. Clovis
  5. polytheistic
  1. a 200 BC-600 AD; along coastal plain of S. America; extensive irrigation systems (underground canals caught rain water which was scarce- need to catch as much before it evaporates) to farm land; best known for the Nazca lines
  2. b in Chichen Itza (Mayan); had 365 steps, one for each day of the year; devoted to the serpent god and designed to display a shadow of a serpent on the steps
  3. c belief of many gods
  4. d believed to be the first Americans; named after spearheads-Clovis points- found in Clovis, New Mexico (9500 BCE)
  5. e where the Zapotec began; fertile soil, mild climate, ample rainfall- Meditteranean climate

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  1. Muslim invention; allowed sailors to determine their latitude
  2. mysterious, in 800s when they abandoned their cities; warfare between the city-states may have disrupted trade and left them vulnerable to Toltec invaders (north); population growth led to over farming and famine, 800s were dry (poor harvests--> people lose faith in kings because royal blood not bringing victory or good harvests
  3. Spanish explorer who conquered the Incas, inspired by Cortes; captured Atahualpa (emperor), no casualties in his 200 men, but killed 6000 Inca; Atahualpa promised to fill a room with silver and gold to be released, filled room multiple times, Spansih didn't release him, they strangled him
  4. labor tribute in Inca; work a certian number of days each year on public projects (ex. building bridges and terraces); usually organized and completed by extended family groups
  5. new type of ship in Europe, allowed explorers to sail against the wind becasue they utilized triangular sails; could turn

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  1. bloodlettingdone by Mayan kings- pull rope laced with thorns through genitals and tongue; royal blood believed to bring rain and sun; resulted in easy spread of Christianity among Maya because idea of a god shedding blood for his people not new to them


  2. TeotihuacanToltec ruler in 1000 who wanted to end human sacrifice, encouraged people to worship god of light and peace (Quetzalcoatl), overthrown and forced into exile by warrior class; legend said that he merged with Quetzalcoatl, sailed east on a raft of snakes, but vowed to return in an era of peace


  3. Spainenvious of Portugal's success; set out to find own passage to Asia; Christopher Columbus; competed with Portuguese as a result of claims made by Ferdinand Magellan; decided to establish colonies in the Western Hemisphere, particularly American mainland, after conquering Aztec and Inca, set up colonies in Americas


  4. Bartolome de Las CasasSpanish monk who criticized the encomienda system and the brutal treatment of Native Americans, which resulted in the Spanish abolishing the encomienda system (convinced king to end it because of atrocities) but they needed labor; suggested use of Africans (less likely to die from European diseases), regretted the suggestion (didn't know they would be treated as badly/worse) because slave trade increased dramatically 8responsible for African slave trade*


  5. animals in early Americawhere civilization began


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