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  1. Dutch and English
  2. Columbian Exchange
  3. Vasco da Gama
  4. Francisco Pizarro
  5. Huayna Capac
  1. a Portuguese explorer who rounded the tip of Africa and sailed into India in 1498; Portugal-->S. tip of Africa-->E. Africa-->Indian Ocean-->W. Africa (Calicut); conquered Kilwa (East Africa), named the "admiral of the Indian ocean"; Europe starts to conquer E. Africa and India
  2. b competed with Portugal and Spain for the control of the Asian spice trade
  3. c ruler of Inca during golden age (1500s); death from small pox unleased civil war between his two suns
  4. d global trasnfer of foods, plants, animals, and diseases during civilization of the Americas
  5. e Spanish explorer who conquered the Incas, inspired by Cortes; captured Atahualpa (emperor), no casualties in his 200 men, but killed 6000 Inca; Atahualpa promised to fill a room with silver and gold to be released, filled room multiple times, Spansih didn't release him, they strangled him

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  1. migrated across Beringia about 60,000 BC (topper), then passage closed with ice and reopened around 12,000 BC; came by boat across PAcific Ocean to Monte Verde, came by boat across Atlantic Ocean to Meodowcroft and Cactus Hill; Clovis points resemble those made by Solutrean culture in Euroep (France/Spain- don't have fluted end though), but don't resemble Siberian spear points (micro-blade), so maybe they came from Europe?; no remains of any boats or art from Solutrean culture
  2. after glaciers receded, sea levels rose and Beringia flooded with water; separated Americas from Asia
  3. belief of many gods
  4. after death of Huayna Capac in Golden age (1500s), 2 of his sons fought (Atahualpa and Huascar); Atahualpa won; weakened Inca Empire, facilitated a takeover by Spanish conquistadors because the empire was devastated
  5. bark paper books of Maya where Mayans recorded information on stones and bark paper

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  1. mitaMayan city-state whose buildings lined up with specific celestial movements (astronomical city map)


  2. Commercial Revlutionin Europe; led to by new wealth from America and growth in overseas trade


  3. Cactus hillin Virginia, artifacts date to 15,000 BC- 3,000 years before the glacial passage (older than Clovis, Monte Verde, Meodowcroft)


  4. Beringialabor tribute in Inca; work a certian number of days each year on public projects (ex. building bridges and terraces); usually organized and completed by extended family groups


  5. 3 ways colonies benefit mother countries1) provide silver and gold
    2) provide raw materials not found in home country
    3) provide a market for goods


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