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  1. A la mode
  2. a stove or "stove-top"
  3. BBQ
  4. a spoon, spoons
  5. the farmer's market
  1. a what you use to eat soup, serve sauces, or liquid [soupy] foods
  2. b a place where people come to buy & sell fresh fruit, vegetables & other food stuffs often locally grown or locally produced, usually seasonal. In most parts of the US, the farmer's market is usually not open for all 12 months of the year, dependent on the region's growing season
  3. c Cooked on a barbaque [a flame grill], &/or seasoned with BBQ Sauce
  4. d topped with ice cream
  5. e is a kitchen appliance used to cook or heat food, often refers to the "burners" [heating elements or gas flame] on top of the oven, with "the oven" referring to the are for enclosed heating

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  1. basically the juices that drip from cooking meat sometimes developed into a sauce that is more than just meat juices
  2. what you eat before the main course; meant to stimulate not satisfy the appetite
  3. the kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting
  4. food with less fat
  5. glassware that has three parts- a bowl, a stem, and a foot [or base].

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  1. a serving dishindividual parts for salad & types of salads are arranged in serving dishes on one table, diners take a plate & serve themselves, then return to their own table to eat


  2. buffet style dininga style of serving a food where serving dishes of food are placed on a "buffet" [usually a long table for only food, dishes & flatware]. Diners take plate & serve themselves from the buffet, then move to another table to seat to eat.


  3. dessertwhat you eat after the main course


  4. hormone-freeHormones carry messages to tissues throughout the body, telling which tissues to grow. Added hormones make animals grow larger & faster. Many people feel having these extra hormones in our diets contributes to cancer & other health problems


  5. spicyfood with a lot of spice flavor, often also means "spicy hot"


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