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  1. if you grill it, it is grilled [other references "cooked on a BBQ" "cooked over an open flame"]
  2. if you steam it, it is steamed; briefly steamed vegetables are el dente =still colorful, crisp or firm, not soft, limp or faded
  3. if you broil it is broiled, or char broiled
  4. to peel; is then peeled, is without its skin
  5. cutlery
  1. a to remove the skin from fruit or vegetables
  2. b food cooked on the grill over a flame
  3. c ableware implements for cutting and eating food
  4. d cooked by direct heat, as over a fire, on grill or under an oven broiler
  5. e food cooked in steam (vapor), food cooked above boiling water (not in the water)

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  1. individual parts for salad & types of salads are arranged in serving dishes on one table, diners take a plate & serve themselves, then return to their own table to eat
  2. a marketplace where groceries are sold; the grocer sells groceries in a grocery store, usually a larger business not limited to food only
  3. includes glasses of many shapes & sizes for different types of drinks.
  4. an arrangement of paying in which each person pays his own way; to "Go Dutch"; to "Split the check"
  5. what you eat before the main course; meant to stimulate not satisfy the appetite

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  1. a boiling liquida liquid heated until it bubbles: soft boil has gentle bubbles, lower heat; a roiling boil is hotter with larger more active bubbles & more steam; "boiling hot" means the food or a plate is too hot to handle with bare hands & the food may burn the mouth unless cooled a bit before eating


  2. leave a gratuityan arrangement with a restaurant to hold a table, or with a hotel to hold a room, for a guest on a given date at a given time


  3. to split the billto share the costs of what you've eaten in a restaurant with your dinner partners


  4. low-fatlike, thick liquid, resembling soup; gushy & soft


  5. to slice; is sliced, thick sliced, thin sliced, paper thin slicesto cut meat, bread, vegetables etc into thin flat pieces


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