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  1. dessert
  2. fresh
  3. frozen
  4. if you are here to dine, you are a diner & you'll be dining
  5. a microwave oven, or "the microwave"
  1. a to eat a meal, usual refers to dinner or supper [main meal of the day] but in a restaurant can refer to customers who have come to eat, any time of day, any meal.
  2. b is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it
  3. c food kept in the freezer
  4. d food recently made or picked
  5. e what you eat after the main course

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  1. a food prepared with less salt for heart health. low-salt is not the same as "salt-free" or "unsalted"
  2. food cooked in the oven
  3. to remove the skin from fruit or vegetables
  4. to mix; to move a liquid or substance around with a spoon or stick in order to mix it together
  5. manners established by society

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  1. saltyfood with a lot of salt & a strong salt flavor


  2. homemadefood with less fat


  3. organicfoods grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones


  4. knife: bread knife [dull], steak knife [sharp for cutting meat at the table], kitchen knifeto cut meat, bread, vegetables etc into thin flat pieces


  5. produce is found in the produce sectiona marketplace where groceries are sold; the grocer sells groceries in a grocery store, usually a larger business not limited to food only


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