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  1. a chunk; a piece; a section
  2. soupy
  3. the "work triangle" in a kitchen is
  4. cage free
  5. MSG
  1. a like, thick liquid, resembling soup; gushy & soft
  2. b a large thick piece of something that does not have an even shape
  3. c an imaginary triangle formed by the refrigerator, stove and sink; the major work centers in a home kitchen.
  4. d monosodium glutamate, a white crystal, added to enhance flavor. Many people are sensitive or allergic to MSG
  5. e animals that are fed in the open & allowed to graze & move around rather than confined to a narrowly defined cage or a crowed enclosed group area

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  1. the main part of a meal
  2. a marketplace where groceries are sold; the grocer sells groceries in a grocery store, usually a larger business not limited to food only
  3. includes all the pieces used by one person. Usually includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, cup, and saucer.
  4. a spoon that stays with the serving dishes & is used to place food servings on individual plates; no one puts the serving spoon to their mouth since it is the spoon everyone's food shares
  5. food with a lot of salt & a strong salt flavor

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  1. antibiotic-freeAntibiotics kill bacteria & other microorganisms. Foods with this labeling claim to have been raised without the use of antibiotics in the farming process.


  2. make a reservationmoney charged or left as a tip for service; part of the cost of the meal


  3. the bakery; bakery shopa workplace where baked goods (breads & cakes & pastries) are produced or sold; may be its own shop or be part of a larger grocery store


  4. Dutch treatan arrangement of paying in which each person pays his own way; to "Go Dutch"; to "Split the check"


  5. family style dininga style serving a meal that allows diners to join others in an arrangement where large dishes of food are placed on a table & passed among those who are dining, for self-service


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