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  1. homemade
  2. a stove or "stove-top"
  3. knife: bread knife [dull], steak knife [sharp for cutting meat at the table], kitchen knife
  4. the oven
  5. appetizer
  1. a light food or beverage that begins a meal and is designed to stimulate the appetite
  2. b the kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting
  3. c food cooked at home
  4. d is a kitchen appliance used to cook or heat food, often refers to the "burners" [heating elements or gas flame] on top of the oven, with "the oven" referring to the are for enclosed heating
  5. e an eating utensil used to cut food. there are many types of "kitchen knives" for cutting different types of food. there are also a few different types of "table knives" used to cut food after the food has been served onto a person's own plate

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  1. to kill animals & prepare the meat for food consumption
  2. animals that are fed in the open & allowed to graze & move around rather than confined to a narrowly defined cage or a crowed enclosed group area
  3. a large shallow dish used for serving food; a serving dish
  4. includes glasses of many shapes & sizes for different types of drinks.
  5. to cut something into smaller pieces

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  1. low-fatfood with less fat


  2. dinnerwareincludes plates, cups, saucer, and bowls.


  3. to whisk; is then whisked, whipped or emulsifiedto mix liquid, eggs, etc. very quickly so that air is mixed in, using a fork or a whisk


  4. if you grill it, it is grilled [other references "cooked on a BBQ" "cooked over an open flame"]food cooked in oil, generally referring to "deep fat fried" or submerged in a "fry vat" of very hot oil. "fried" can also refer to food cooked in a small amount of oil in a frying pan


  5. gravybasically the juices that drip from cooking meat sometimes developed into a sauce that is more than just meat juices


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