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  1. Big Noses
  2. Moulds
  3. Hominids
  4. Evolution
  5. Series Circuit
  1. a Refers to long time changes that can be observed in living things through geological time
  2. b Classification of modern humans and their human like ancestors 6 million years ago
  3. c Neanderthals evolve big noses so they keep the body warm/ lungs warm to keep them from getting internal tissue injuries
  4. d *In a series circuit the voltage is divided between components (resistors)
    *The current is all the same in all parts of the circuit
  5. e Fossils formed when the original organic matter decays leaving a cavity (impression) of the organism

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  1. Is an extremely useful device that is used to control the functioning of many types of electronic circuits, including computing
  2. NH2
  3. The branch of science concerned with fossil animals and plants
  4. Fossils displaying indirect evidence of previous life.
    EG: Worms, burrows, footprints
  5. Time delay is a device that is used to store up energy in circuits

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  1. AnalogyStructures that appear similar or carry out a similar function may not have a common ancestry
    Analogous structures are the result of convergent evolution


  2. Indicator/ Index FossilsIndicator Fossils
    Use of Radioisotopes
    Carbon 14 Printing


  3. Brow ridgeA heavy mass of bone directly over the eye orbits


  4. AmpsMeasurement of the amount of electric current, the number of electrons that pass a given point at a given time


  5. Cro MagnumsEarly name given to modern humans


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