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  1. Disadvantage of both eyes facing forward
  2. Australopithecus
  3. OHMS
  4. Radioisotopes
  5. Series Circuit
  1. a Extinct species of small brain, large toothed, bipedal hominids that lived in Africa
  2. b *In a series circuit the voltage is divided between components (resistors)
    *The current is all the same in all parts of the circuit
  3. c Radio carbon dating useful for dating organic matter less than 50,000 years old. Half like of carbon is about 5,700 years
  4. d are a unit of measurement of electrical resistance. Resistance is the opposition of the flow of something
  5. e Field of vision is limited

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  1. The ability to walk on 2 feet
  2. Structures that appear similar or carry out a similar function may not have a common ancestry
    Analogous structures are the result of convergent evolution
  3. In a population, all the genes and their different alleles are referred to as the gene pool
  4. disappearance of a species from all parts of its geographical range
  5. DNA and protiens

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  1. Functional GroupsA group of atoms that gives a characteristic set of properties to a molecule containing that group


  2. Time DelayTime delay is a device that is used to store up energy in circuits


  3. Advantage of both eyes facing forwardIncreases depth perception


  4. Resistance in a circuitR (total)= R1 + R2 + R3 etc


  5. Parallel CircuitA large opening in either the back or bottom of the skill and connects the spinal cord to the skull


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