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  1. Brow ridge
  2. Indicator/ Index Fossils
  3. Radioisotopes
  4. Hydroxyl
  5. Disadvantage of both eyes facing forward
  1. a Field of vision is limited
  2. b Radio carbon dating useful for dating organic matter less than 50,000 years old. Half like of carbon is about 5,700 years
  3. c OH
  4. d A heavy mass of bone directly over the eye orbits
  5. e Fossils that have a limited geologic time range and can be used to date other fossils

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  1. Fossilized faces
    tells you about the feeding behavior and habitat about an animal
  2. The living animal closely related to modern humans
  3. These are structures that once had a function that has now been lost
  4. Early name given to modern humans
  5. CL

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  1. OHMS*measures the push of electricity through a conductor
    *unit for voltage


  2. Resistance in a circuitR (total)= R1 + R2 + R3 etc


  3. 3 hominins believed to be ancestors of modern humansChimpanzees, Homo erectus and Neanderthals


  4. EmbryologyThe study of Embro which show their evolutionary history


  5. Ampsare a unit of measurement of electrical resistance. Resistance is the opposition of the flow of something


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