IMM Law Forms cont.

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Form I-485

Application for status as a permanent resident

Form I-509

Intention to adjust- served by DHS

Form I-508

Waiver of Rights, Privileges, Exemptions and Immunities

Form I-551

Alien Registration Receipt Card

Form I-90

Application for the Alien Registration receipt card I-551.....( LAPR attaining their 14th birthday must apply for before 30 days after 14th birthday)

Form I-184

Seaman Identification Card

Form I-94

Arrival and Departure Record

Form I-862

Notice to Appear ( the serving of this form commences removal proceedings)

Form I-688

Temporary Resident Card

Form I-688B or I-766

Employment Authorization Card

Form I-551 (optical)

Permanent Resident Card

Form AR-11

Alien address change

Form I-864

Affidavit of support

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