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  1. someone who travels into space
  2. Los Alamos and Sandia laboratories
  3. having to do with the building and testing of aircraft and equipment for air and space travel
  4. make up the western part of the sun belt, fast growing states, and have big cities
  5. New Mexico
  6. Spanish because they came from Spanish speaking countries

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  1. the relationship between Houston's oil refineries and portsLos Alamos and Sandia laboratories


  2. Why do tourists visit the SouthwestNew Mexico


  3. evaporationthe process of the sun's heat turning water into a gas form


  4. high-tech industrysomeone who travels into space


  5. National Park in New MexicoCarlsbad Caverns


  6. Two ways Oklahoma and Texas are alikehave diverse populations/culture, big oil producers, aerospace, ranches, and leading beef producers


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