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  1. no money - poverty
  2. World War I , World War II
  3. Civil War, tribal violence
  4. along water
  5. economic system in which the government decides what to produce, where to make it and what price to charge
  1. a What is a command economy?
  2. b Where did all early civilzations settle?
  3. c Whydo so many children in Southern Africa develop diseases?
  4. d What historiacal event might account for the fact that there are feww men above the age of 60?
  5. e What is a major problem in Africa today because of the Berlin Conference?

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  1. What does it mean to be a subsistance farmer?
  2. What was triangular trade?
  3. Where did the Battle of Trafalgar occur? Why might someone want to control this area of land?
  4. What is meant by the term population density?
  5. What major geographic feature covers all of the southern edge of North Africa?

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  1. clouds cant get over mountains, rains on that sideList three major causes of desertification.


  2. official policies that forced black South Africans to Live in separate area and use separate facilities from White South AfricansWhat is apartheid?


  3. influencing oil pricesWhat does it mean to live in an urban area?


  4. the replanting of a forestWhat is reforestation?


  5. if it can be used for shipping/ deep and wide enoughWhat makes a river navigable?


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