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  1. Himalayas
  2. South English Channel/ control access to Meditteranian
  3. economic system in which the government decides what to produce, where to make it and what price to charge
  4. the average number of people living in an area, expressed as persons per square mile
  5. World War I , World War II
  1. a Where did the Battle of Trafalgar occur? Why might someone want to control this area of land?
  2. b What is a command economy?
  3. c What physical geographic feature has helped to isolate India from the rest of Asia?
  4. d What is meant by the term population density?
  5. e What historiacal event might account for the fact that there are feww men above the age of 60?

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  1. When does the Northern Hemisphere have the coldest climate?
  2. What does a standard living show?
  3. What are the four factors that influence climate?
  4. Which physical feature in the Eastern United States was the greatest barrier to westward migration of early American settlers?
  5. What is reforestation?

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  1. clouds cant get over mountains, rains on that sideDescribe the orographic effect.


  2. gender, age, birth and death rates, migration patternsWhat demographic features help to shape a population pyramid?


  3. percentage of people who can read and writeWhat does a country's literacy rate measure?


  4. official policies that forced black South Africans to Live in separate area and use separate facilities from White South AfricansWhat does it mean to be a subsistance farmer?


  5. The Fertile CrecentWhat major geographic feature covers all of the southern edge of North Africa?


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