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World Geography Final Exam Review Test

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  1. Dalits
  2. living in cities
  3. low GDP, low literacy rate, high poverty
  4. Brazil
  5. food is produced bya family for its own need, extra food may be sold
  1. a List at least 3 characteristics of a developing nation.
  2. b Which country in South America is known for its tropical rain forests?
  3. c What does it mean to be a subsistance farmer?
  4. d Which group in Indian society is considered "dirty"and lowest group on the indian caste system?
  5. e What does it mean to live in an urban area?

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  1. What event led to the reunification of East and West Germany?
  2. What was triangular trade?
  3. What were some problems that deleloped in Eurasian Republics as a result of the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union?
  4. What is a free enterprise/market economy?
  5. What is a refugee?

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  1. Appalacian MountainsWhat does it mean to live in an urban area?


  2. winterWhen does the Northern Hemisphere have the coldest climate?


  3. the replanting of a forestThe world's first civilizations developed in an area of the Middle East known by what other name?


  4. Middle EastWhat physical geographic feature has helped to isolate India from the rest of Asia?


  5. clouds cant get over mountains, rains on that sideList three major causes of desertification.


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