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  1. drought, over population, deforestation
  2. Himalayas
  3. under developed economy based on how its always been done
  4. system that lets competition amoung buisnesses determine price of products/people choose freely what to buy and sell
  5. gender, age, birth and death rates, migration patterns
  1. a What demographic features help to shape a population pyramid?
  2. b List three major causes of desertification.
  3. c What is a traditional economy?
  4. d What physical geographic feature has helped to isolate India from the rest of Asia?
  5. e What is a free enterprise/market economy?

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  1. Where did the Battle of Trafalgar occur? Why might someone want to control this area of land?
  2. What is meant by the term freedom of press"?
  3. What is meant by the term per capta incom?
  4. List at least 3 characteristics of a developing nation.
  5. When does the Northern Hemisphere have the coldest climate?

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  1. few housing, increased crime, reduced farmlandList three major causes of desertification.


  2. along waterWhere did all early civilzations settle?


  3. hydroelectric power, flood controlWhat two purposes does the Aswan Dam serve?


  4. small scale industries based in the home ex: weave fabrics, carve statuesWhat are cottage industries? Provide two examples of cottage industries.


  5. influencing oil pricesWhat does it mean to live in an urban area?


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