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  1. cyberspace
  2. Business-to-Business (B2B) E-Commerce
  3. ubiquitous computing
  4. active badge
  5. identity theft
  1. a can transmit infrared signals to create an electronic trail
  2. b when a criminal gains access to personal information in order to impersonate someone
  3. c refers to a business providing supplies to other businesses via the Internet
  4. d Interacting with multiple networked devices
  5. e a term used to refer to the Internet, is the unlimited span of networks using the same data exchange methods

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  1. a programer alters a program to subtract a small amount of money from an account.
  2. Legitimate looking email created to get personal data
  3. is a document that may include text, graphics, sound, animation, and video.
  4. the process of transferring a file or document from one computer to the user's computer
  5. a form of spyware that generates annoying pop-up and banner ads

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  1. Domain Namethe second part of a complete URL


  2. macro virusesspreads from computer to computer by user action


  3. 1995-2000are software programs that browsers use for extra features such as sound and video.


  4. specialized search enginesindex information such as job advertisements, and names and addresses.


  5. emailis a type of application software that makes sending and receiving messages through computer networks possible


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