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  1. portals
  2. exclusion operator
  3. worm
  4. privacy
  5. Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
  1. a generally a minus sign (-), are used so that only Web pages excluding those criteria are retrieved
  2. b The identification of an Internet resource's type and location is performed through its
  3. c similar to a virus but does not need the action of a user to execute the code and cause damage
  4. d an individual's ability to eliminate the collection, use, and sale of confidential personal information
  5. e provide organized subject guide links to topics such as the news, local weather, and e-mail.

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  1. a form of spyware that generates annoying pop-up and banner ads
  2. The first part of a complete URL
  3. is a document that may include text, graphics, sound, animation, and video.
  4. connects users to the Internet through a modem and a telephone line.
  5. internet equivalent of a journal

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  1. inclusion operatorgenerally a plus sign (+), used so that only Web pages including those criteria are retrieved


  2. The Domain Name Systema system used by the internet to link domain names with their corresponding IP addresses.


  3. spamUnsolicited e-mails received by users, usually from advertisers


  4. satellite accessrequires a satellite dish in addition to a phone line and modem for an Internet connection.


  5. usenetan international discussion system available through the Internet.


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