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  1. blog
  2. 1995-2000
  3. Business-to-Business (B2B) E-Commerce
  4. Protocol
  5. boot sectors
  1. a execute each time you start the computer
  2. b The first part of a complete URL
  3. c refers to a business providing supplies to other businesses via the Internet
  4. d internet equivalent of a journal
  5. e dot-com boom

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  1. is the area of law dedicated to computer crime
  2. generally a plus sign (+), used so that only Web pages including those criteria are retrieved
  3. a program that displays Web pages and linked items
  4. are software programs that browsers use for extra features such as sound and video.
  5. are used to perform complex searches.

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  1. data diddlinginsiders modify data by altering accounts or database records so that it's difficult or impossible to tell that they've stolen funds or equipment


  2. usenetsmall files written to your hard disk by the Web sites you visit


  3. web browsera program that displays a Web document and permits access to linked documents.


  4. web pagealert the sender that the spam message has been opened, adding your address to a list of validated addresses.


  5. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)uses tags to specify how a Web page should display.


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