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  1. inclusion operator
  2. exclusion operator
  3. 1995-2000
  4. malware
  5. Business-to-Business (B2B) E-Commerce
  1. a dot-com boom
  2. b generally a minus sign (-), are used so that only Web pages excluding those criteria are retrieved
  3. c refers to a business providing supplies to other businesses via the Internet
  4. d programs that intentionally harm a computer system or allow individuals to gain access to it without the owner's permission
  5. e generally a plus sign (+), used so that only Web pages including those criteria are retrieved

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  1. a series of guidelines for good manners when using an Internet service
  2. Attach themselves to extractable ile
  3. attach to data files and take advantage of application macros
  4. angry messages sent by other users
  5. symbols, such as ? and *, replace the zero or additional characters in search words to improve search accuracy.

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  1. wikia simple web page on which any visitor can post text or images, read previous posts, change posted information, and track earlier changes


  2. Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) E-Commercea set of standards that define how two types of programs can communicate with each other through the Internet


  3. emailis a type of application software that makes sending and receiving messages through computer networks possible


  4. email attachmentprovides a high-speed Internet connection using a cable modem, not a phone line.


  5. Virusspreads from computer to computer by user action


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