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  1. active badge
  2. World Wide Web (WWW)
  3. cable access
  4. cyber law
  5. Internet Protocol (IP) address
  1. a Contains billions of documents, is a portion of the Internet, uses the Internet as a means to transport information and is a separate entity from the Internet
  2. b provides a high-speed Internet connection using a cable modem, not a phone line.
  3. c can transmit infrared signals to create an electronic trail
  4. d is the area of law dedicated to computer crime
  5. e a unique network identifier given to every device connected to the internet

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  1. an international discussion system available through the Internet.
  2. dot-com boom
  3. symbols, such as ? and *, replace the zero or additional characters in search words to improve search accuracy.
  4. is a type of application software that makes sending and receiving messages through computer networks possible
  5. is a high-speed online connection that requires a special external modem with telephone lines.

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  1. Internet service providers (ISPs)companies that provide access to the Internet and no additional services


  2. cyberbullyingwhen one individual targets another for some form of torment or abuse through digital tools


  3. identity theftwhen a criminal gains access to personal information in order to impersonate someone


  4. resource nameis a document that may include text, graphics, sound, animation, and video.


  5. downloadingthe process of transferring a file or document from the user's computer to another computer.


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