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  1. ubiquitous computing
  2. Internet service providers (ISPs)
  3. macro viruses
  4. cyber crimes
  5. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) E-Commerce
  1. a attach to data files and take advantage of application macros
  2. b shopping online rather than at a physical store
  3. c Interacting with multiple networked devices
  4. d are crimes perpetrated through the Internet
  5. e companies that provide access to the Internet and no additional services

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  1. authentication—the use of voice recognition, retinal scans, and fingerprint scans for authentication purposes.
  2. The identification of an Internet resource's type and location is performed through its
  3. refers to the exchange of business between individuals. eBay is a good example.
  4. requires a satellite dish in addition to a phone line and modem for an Internet connection.
  5. the main high-speed routes through which data travels

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  1. identity theftwhen a criminal gains access to personal information in order to impersonate someone


  2. pathUnsolicited e-mails received by users, usually from advertisers


  3. cyberspaceuse email, instant messaging, chat rooms, pagers, cell phone, or other forms of information technology to make repeated credible threats of violence against another individual or family members of an individual


  4. keyloggersangry messages sent by other users


  5. resource namethe last part of a complete URL, gives the file name of the resource you're accessing.


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