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  1. Internet service providers (ISPs)
  2. internet service
  3. Domain Name
  4. identity theft
  5. path
  1. a a set of standards that define how two types of programs can communicate with each other through the Internet
  2. b companies that provide access to the Internet and no additional services
  3. c the second part of a complete URL
  4. d the third part of a complete URL, specifies the location of the document on the server.
  5. e when a criminal gains access to personal information in order to impersonate someone

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  1. alert the sender that the spam message has been opened, adding your address to a list of validated addresses.
  2. what the URL is made up of: domain name, path, and resource name.
  3. provides a high-speed Internet connection using a cable modem, not a phone line.
  4. a form of spyware that generates annoying pop-up and banner ads
  5. provides extremely fast Internet access through fiber-optic lines that run directly to users' homes. No modems are required.

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  1. Virusspreads from computer to computer by user action


  2. emailis a type of application software that makes sending and receiving messages through computer networks possible


  3. wild cardis a document that may include text, graphics, sound, animation, and video.


  4. email attachmenta computer file included with an e-mail message.


  5. Digital subscriber lineis a high-speed online connection that requires a special external modem with telephone lines.


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