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  1. Plate tectonics
  2. Where are fossils found?
  3. Chromosome?
  4. Fossil Record
  5. Speciation
  1. a the formation of new species as a result of evolution
  2. b In eukaryotic cells, one of the structures in the nucleus that are made up of DNA and protein; in a prokaryotic cell, the main ring of DNA.
  3. c the history of life in the geologic past as indicated by the traces or remains of living things
  4. d Layers of rocks
  5. e The theory that explains how Earth's tectonic plates move and change shape.

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Precambrian Time- life and oxygen appears, more complex organisms known as eukaryotes appear
    The Paleozoic Era- Cambrian explosion, many marine life forms appear, life on land began, and the Permian Extinction
    The Mesozoic Era- dinosaurs, first mammals appeared, K-T extinction
    The Cenozoic Era- ice-ages, mammals, humans appear, still Cenezoic Era today
  2. a plant that lacks specialized conducting tissues and true roots, stems, and leaves.
  3. the likelihood that a possible future event will occur in any given instance of the event
  4. the trait observed in the first generation when parents that have different traits are bred.
  5. gymnosperm- nonflowering
    angiosperm- flowering

5 True/False Questions

  1. Which organisms do not make good fossils?Soft organisms.


  2. Recessive traita trait that reappears in the second generation after disappearing in the first generation when parents that have different traits are bred.


  3. Phenotypethe entire genetic makeup of an organism


  4. Geologic time scale...


  5. How is moss different from an angiosperm?moss-nonvascular


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