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  1. How is a gymnosperm different from an angiosperm?
  2. Dominant trait
  3. Why do the cells need to make ATP? What do they use to make it?
  4. Mendel
  5. Extinction
  1. a Adenosine TriphosPhate is made from the process Cell Respiration. ATP supplies energy that fuels cell activities, such as growth.
  2. b gymnosperm- nonflowering
    angiosperm- flowering
  3. c the death of every member of a species
  4. d Greg Mendel's experiments with pea plants led to the discovery of dominant and recessive traits.
  5. e the trait observed in the first generation when parents that have different traits are bred.

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  1. Layers of rocks
  2. DeoxyriboNucleic Acid is the hereditary material that directs all cell activities, including the making of new cells. It's located in the nucleus of the cell.
  3. So plants can absorb energy from the sun and change the energy into food through the process called photosynthesis.
  4. the entire genetic makeup of an organism
  5. Mitosis begins. Chromosomes condense from long strands into rod-like structures.

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  1. How is moss different from an angiosperm?moss-nonvascular


  2. Why are cyanobacteria important?Cyanobacteria are a kind of prokaryotic organism that use sunlight to produce their own food through photosynthesis.


  3. What is germination? Pollination?...


  4. Catastrophic events1. the permian extinction
    2. the cretaceous-tertiary extinction (K-T)


  5. Fossil Evidence...


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