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Babylonian Captivity

a period of time in 587 b.c.e. when the survivors of a Babylonian attack on the southern kingdom of Judah were sent into exile in Babylonia.


a formal agreement between Yahweh and the Hebrew people that if the Hebrews worshiped Yahweh as their only god, he would consider them his chosen people and protect them from their enemies.

Royal Road

the main highway created by the Persians; it spanned 1,677 miles from Greece to Iran.

World empire

all of the oldest and most honored kingdoms and peoples of the ancient Near East that were united under the Persian political organization.


a god, who in Medieval Latin became Jehovah, that appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai and made a covenant with the Hebrews.


a religion teaching that Ahura Mazda, god of good and light, fought continuously with Ahriman, god of evil and dark, with Ahura Mazda ultimately winning.

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