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  1. - Anatolia
  2. - Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus
  3. - Egypt
  4. - Virgil
  5. - Aegean Sea
  1. a Roman emperor, gave land to poor
  2. b poet
  3. c Vast plateau between the black or Mediterranean seas
  4. d Arm of the Mediterranean sea between Greece and Turkey
  5. e Country in NE Africa

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  1. People of persia
  2. Last ruler of Rome (14 years old)
  3. Ancient greek historian and general that wrote about the events in the Peloponnesian war
  4. Arranged powerful army of peasants and took control of Greece
  5. (protect the rights of the plebeians)

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  1. - AristotleLocated in S Europe and juts in to the Mediterranean sea


  2. - RomeCapital of Italy


  3. - DiocletianThe fundamental political unit in ancient Greece


  4. - Twelve TablesAthenian statesman responsible for the construction of the parthenon


  5. - DoriansItalic language spoken in ancient Rome


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