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  1. - Alexandria
  2. - Diaspora
  3. - Egypt
  4. - Punic Wars
  5. - Cleisthenes
  1. a Wars between Rome and Carthage
  2. b Egyptian city that became the foremost center of commerce in the Hellenistic civilization
  3. c Athenian statesman that democratized the political structure of Athens
  4. d an ancient kingdom in NE Africa: divided into the Nile delta (Lower Egypt) and the area from Cairo S to the Sudan (Upper Egypt).
  5. e Dispersal of Jews from their homeland in Palestine

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  1. Capital in SE Greece
  2. Ancient Greek historian famous for writing about the wars between the Persians and Greeks
  3. People of persia
  4. Ruler of Rome after second triumvirate Augustus=exalted one
  5. Athenian statesmen noted for the severity of his code of laws

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  1. - PolisThe fundamental political unit in ancient Greece


  2. - ThucydidesAncient greek historian and general that wrote about the events in the Peloponnesian war


  3. - ByzantiumAncient Greek city on the Bosporus


  4. - Attila the Huntemple in Athens built for athena


  5. - AlexandriaQueen of Egypt


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