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  1. - Nile
  2. - Julius Caesar
  3. - Aristophanes
  4. - Carthage
  5. - Mediterranean Sea
  1. a A river in E Africa, longest river in the world, flowing N from lake victoria to the Mediterranean
  2. b An ancient city-state in N Africa
  3. c Ancient Greek dramist famous for his comedies
  4. d A sea surrounded by Africa, Europe, and Asia
  5. e Military leader who joined forces with Crassus and Pompey

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  1. Greek poet who invented the tragedy
  2. a river in S Asia, flowing from W Tibet through Kashmir and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea
  3. Member of second triumvirate that fell in love with Cleopatra
  4. Athenian statesman that led the Athenians in the recapture of slamis
  5. Capital of Italy

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  1. - Twelve TablesWritten law of Rome


  2. Geography of GreeceIslands mountains size climate,etc. AND


  3. - AlexandriaArm of the Mediterranean sea between Greece and Turkey


  4. - Alexander the Great's EmpirePersia Asia Egypt


  5. - Philip II of MacedoniaArranged powerful army of peasants and took control of Greece


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