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  1. - Athens
  2. - Etruscans
  3. - Archimedes
  4. - Alexandria
  5. - Hellenistic Culture
  1. a A culture consisting of Egyptian Persian and Indian influences
  2. b From northern Italy skilled metalworkers and engineers Rome adopted their alphabet and use of the arch
  3. c a seaport in N egypt, in the Nile delta: founded in 332 b.c. by Alexander the Great; ancient center of learning.
  4. d Capital in SE Greece
  5. e Greek mathematician physicist and inventor: discovered the principles of specific gravity and of the lever

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  1. Ancient greek historian and general that wrote about the events in the Peloponnesian war
  2. poet
  3. river (Tiber River) fertile land (seven rolling hills) inland, etc. AND
  4. A sea between Europe and Asia
  5. Member of second triumvirate that fell in love with Cleopatra

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  1. - DoriansUneducated peoples that moved to the Mycenaean areas and ruined their culture. Little is known about them because they kept no written records


  2. - Second triumvirateOctavian Lepidus Mark Antony


  3. - Romulus AugustulusRuler of Rome after second triumvirate Augustus=exalted one


  4. - AeschylusCapital in SE Greece


  5. - SicilyA river in E Africa, longest river in the world, flowing N from lake victoria to the Mediterranean


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