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  1. - Byzantium
  2. - Aristophanes
  3. - Twelve Tables
  4. - Culture/entertainment
  5. - Rome
  1. a Ancient Greek dramist famous for his comedies
  2. b Games races mock battles gladiator contests
  3. c Written law of Rome
  4. d Capital of Italy
  5. e Ancient Greek city on the Bosporus

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  1. Ancient ruined city in NW Asia minor
  2. Last ruler of Rome (14 years old)
  3. Persia Asia Egypt
  4. Stoic philosopher and writer
  5. Landowners had to serve and it was made up of legions

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  1. - DiocletianUneducated peoples that moved to the Mycenaean areas and ruined their culture. Little is known about them because they kept no written records


  2. - EgyptCountry in NE Africa


  3. - First triumvirateJulius Caesar Crassus and Pompey


  4. - ConstantineAn empire centered at Constantinople that began as the eastern portion of the Roman Empire; it included parts of Europe and western Asia.


  5. - SpartaAncient city in S Greece, capital of Laconia


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