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  1. - Germanic peoples
  2. - Patricians
  3. - Troy
  4. - Italy
  5. - Euripides
  1. a Ancient ruined city in NW Asia minor
  2. b Ancient Greek dramist famous for his tragedies
  3. c Indo-European speaking peoples
  4. d Located in S Europe and juts in to the Mediterranean sea
  5. e (wealthy landowners)

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  1. Philip II son that invaded Persia and many other areas
  2. Arm of the Mediterranean sea between Greece and Turkey
  3. A vast plateau between the black and Mediterranean seas
  4. Uneducated peoples that moved to the Mycenaean areas and ruined their culture. Little is known about them because they kept no written records
  5. Julius Caesar Crassus and Pompey

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  1. - Octavian AugustusRuler of Rome after second triumvirate Augustus=exalted one


  2. - New kind of armyphalanx


  3. - RepublicThe fundamental political unit in ancient Greece


  4. - MythsTraditional stories about gods. Greeks sought to understand the mysteries of nature and the power of human passion through myths. They gave the gods human qualities


  5. - SpainAthenian statesman that led the Athenians in the recapture of slamis


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