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  1. solvent
  2. functional Groups
  3. Solute
  4. bases
  5. limiting reagent
  1. a substance dissolved in solvent
  2. b specific groups of atoms within molecules that are responsible for the characteristic chemical reactions of those moelcules.
  3. c the substance dissolved in which solute dissolves
  4. d tastes bitter, turns red litmus blue, turns pink in phenolphthalein, no rxn with metals, conducts electricity, and feels slippery.
  5. e the substance which is totally consumed when the chemical reaction is complete

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  1. upward spreading of water through fine spaces or tubes due to cohesion and adhesion
  2. maximum amount of solute dissolved
  3. tastes sour, turns blue litmus red, conducts electricity, no reaction with phenolphthalein, reacts with metals, produces hydrogen, feels like water
  4. tastes salty, turns phenolphthalein cloudy, no effect of litmus paper, no rxn with metals, conducts electricity, feels like water
  5. AB+CD=AD+CB

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  1. adhesionattraction of unlike particles for each other


  2. decompositionattraction of like particles for each other


  3. surface tensionskin like effect due to the cohesion of water molecules


  4. Isomerscompounds with the same molecular formula but different structural formulas


  5. single displacementAB+CD=AD+CB


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