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Earth Science Semester 2 Exam Review Terms Test

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  1. traction
  2. astronomical unit
  3. polar
  4. precipitation
  5. aquifers
  1. a pulling and rolling of large rocks by water or wind
  2. b the release of water from the atmosphere
  3. c underground layers of permeable rock from which groundwater can be removed
  4. d dry, cold climate zone above 60 degree latitude
  5. e a unit of measurement based on the average distance of the earth from the Sun; one unit equals 149.6 million kilometers

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  1. water's attraction to other water molecules
  2. O3 molecules; part of an atmospheric layer that protects life from harmful ultraviolet rays
  3. an object that orbits the Sun, is spherical, and has cleared its orbit of other large objects
  4. substance in which another substance is dissolved
  5. the layer of the atmosphere just above the stratosphere; burns up most meteors

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  1. cyanobacteriasingle-celled photosynthetic bacteria


  2. convectionwater's attraction to other water molecules


  3. water tabletop of the saturated zone in ground water


  4. nebulaouter layer of the Sun's atmosphere


  5. carbon-oxygen cyclelower layer of the Sun's atmosphere


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