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  1. compound
  2. cohesion
  3. anemometer
  4. elliptical galaxy
  5. precipitation
  1. a measures wind speed
  2. b a galaxy whose stars are symmetrically dispersed in a spherical or elongated shape
  3. c the release of water from the atmosphere
  4. d two or more elements joined together to create a new substance
  5. e water's attraction to other water molecules

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  1. enormous cloud of gas and dust in space
  2. measures wind direction
  3. long-term average of weather in an area
  4. a circular pattern of winds created by Earth's rotation
  5. a galaxy with a central bulge, flattened disk, and curving arms

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  1. salinitysubstance in which another substance is dissolved


  2. water tabletop of the saturated zone in ground water


  3. maritimetype of temperate climate near water


  4. transpirationrelease of water vapor into the air by plants


  5. solar masslarge body of air with uniform temperature and humidity


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