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  1. transpiration
  2. corona
  3. continental
  4. climate
  5. exosphere
  1. a outer layer of the Sun's atmosphere
  2. b long-term average of weather in an area
  3. c release of water vapor into the air by plants
  4. d the sub-layer of the thermosphere where the atmosphere blends into space
  5. e type of temperate climate over land

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  1. downpour of snow caused by an arctic air mass flowing over a warm lake
  2. surface of the Sun
  3. a circular pattern of winds created by Earth's rotation
  4. underground layers of permeable rock from which groundwater can be removed
  5. measures wind direction

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  1. tropospheresurface of the Sun


  2. droughta long period of unusually dry weather


  3. permeabletop of the saturated zone in ground water


  4. cohesionwater's attraction to other water molecules


  5. radiationwater's attraction to other substances


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