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  1. cacti
  2. uniform pattern
  3. mark and recapture
  4. epiphytes
  5. biome
  1. a large regions of Earth that share similar rainfall and temp. and vegetation/animal life
  2. b grow on canopies of trees... not self-supportive; NOT parasites, but may kill trees
  3. c organisms are captured --> tagged --> released. process is repeated and math equation is used
  4. d organisms are spread evenly all around because of competition of limited resources
  5. e drought-resistant plant with shallow roots to capture as much water as possible; can expand to hold extra water; spines

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  1. a level within the food chain
  2. energy from gross primary productivity - energy used for respiration
  3. pathway along which energy is transferred from one trophic or feeding level to another
  4. other organisms that an organism might interact with
  5. an alternative of pesticides
    1. crop rotations 2. introduce natural enemies of the pests 3. use natural plants toxins instead of sythetic ones 4. insect birth control

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  1. commensalism1 benefits and 1 neither helped nor harms (+/o)


  2. water cyclewater evaporates, forms clouds, and rains
    over land
    most water from plants


  3. detritusdecomposed organic matter of dead plants/animals


  4. secondary consumerscarnivores that eat primary consumers


  5. insect birth controlradiation on males insects... released but no fertile babies: male sterile


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