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  1. acid rain
  2. global warming
  3. density-independent factors
  4. vertical stratification
  5. detritivores
  1. a no relationship with population density
  2. b burning fossil fuels → ↑ CO₂₂ → air absorbs lots of inferred radiation → temp ↑ → ice caps melt → cities drown
  3. c when species live on different levels of ecosystem: some on ground, some on branches, some in treetops
  4. d eat detritus
  5. e nitric, nitrous, sulfurous, sulfric acid + water = pH 5.6 (acidic)

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  1. hormones in animals → people eat those animals → people get those hormones → birth defects
  2. group of individuals of one species living in one area who can interbreed and interact with each other
  3. many/small young, little/no parenting, rapid maturation, reproduce once
  4. clumped, random spacing, uniform pattern
  5. change plants in fields

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  1. Why do food chains never have more than 4-5 trophic levels?Energy is lost as it gets passed on.


  2. temperate deciduous forestaka Boreal Forest
    trees drop their leaves during winter
    rich soil b/c of leaf litter
    NE of N America, south of taiga
    vertical stratification
    more plant species than taiga
    bears... dormant during winter!


  3. marinehormones in animals → people eat those animals → people get those hormones → birth defects


  4. order of food chainabsence of any special attractions or replusions


  5. batesian mimicryharmless animals copycat coloration of poisonous animals


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