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  1. r-strategists
  2. dispersion
  3. detritivores
  4. biosphere
  5. phytoplankton
  1. a reproduce rapidly when area is uncrowded and resources are vast
  2. b eat detritus
  3. c algae and photosynthetic bacteria producers that drift passively in aquatic environments
  4. d pattern of spacing of individuals within an area.
  5. e planet earth

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  1. stimulated to grow only after a hard rain; germinate --> sends up shoots of flowers --> die within a few weeks
  2. basis for most marine and freshwater aquatic ecosystems
  3. large regions of Earth that share similar rainfall and temp. and vegetation/animal life
  4. recycle dead organic matter
  5. clumped, random spacing, uniform pattern

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  1. dominant trees in the rain forestdense canopy that allow little sunlight or rain on the floor


  2. carrying capacitythe rate at which organic matter is created by producers


  3. marinelargest biome --- 3/4 of Earth
    most stable b/c temp vary little
    provides most of Earth's food and oxygen
    subdivided into regions based on amount of sunlight received, distance from shore, water depth, open water/ocean bottom


  4. Size of a population is limited by...# of births, deaths, immigration and emigration


  5. population1 benefits (parasite) and 1 harmed (host) (+/-)


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