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  1. global warming
  2. abiotic factors
  3. clumped
  4. process of primary eco. succession
  5. Only ___% of energy is passed onto next trophic level
  1. a no soil --> pioneer organisms (i.e. lichens & mosses) inhabit area --> rocks weathered & dead matter of pioneer organisms = soil --> grasses, bushes, trees come --> climax community
  2. b burning fossil fuels → ↑ CO₂₂ → air absorbs lots of inferred radiation → temp ↑ → ice caps melt → cities drown
  3. c 10%
  4. d non-living things that organisms interact with
  5. e organisms stay in groups together for protection

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  1. cryptic coloration or camouflage
  2. extinction, resource partitioning, character displacement
  3. temp, water, sunlight, wind, rocks, soil
  4. when water evaporates from leaves
  5. change plants in fields

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  1. Is finding the density of a population hard?dense canopy that allow little sunlight or rain on the floor


  2. r-strategists' reproductive strategiesfew/large young, intensive parenting, slow maturation, reproduce many times


  3. primary ecological successionwhen a community is blown out, but there IS soil


  4. symbiotic relationshipnon-living things that organisms interact with


  5. conifer treeevergreens; branches point downward to prevent lots of snow accumulation
    ex: spruce & fir


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