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  1. climax community
  2. insect birth control
  3. secondary ecological succession
  4. productivity
  5. symbiotic relationship
  1. a when a community is blown out, but there IS soil
  2. b an interaction between two or more species that live together in direct contact
  3. c final stable community of primary eco. succession
  4. d the rate at which organic matter is created by producers
  5. e radiation on males insects... released but no fertile babies: male sterile

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  1. common to all organisms.
  2. algae and photosynthetic bacteria producers that drift passively in aquatic environments
  3. amount of energy converted to chemical energy by photosynthesis per unit time in an ecosystem
  4. total # of individuals
  5. large regions of Earth that share similar rainfall and temp. and vegetation/animal life

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  1. biological controlthe max rate at which a population could increase under ideal conditions


  2. water cyclecell respiration of animals and bacterial decomposers (& burning of fossil fuels) add CO2 and remove O2 from air, but photosynthesis removes CO2 and adds O2 to air


  3. nitrifying bacteriaNO₃⁻ to N₂


  4. temperate deciduous forestcarnivores that eat secondary consumers; top of the food chain; least stable trophic level b/c changes when other trophic level changes


  5. r-strategistsreproduce rapidly when area is uncrowded and resources are vast


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