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  1. Energy is in the form of...
  2. predation "forms"
  3. depletion of the ozone layer
  4. permafrost
  5. batesian mimicry
  1. a permanently frozen subsoil found in farthest point north
  2. b harmless animals copycat coloration of poisonous animals
  3. c frigo & aerosol cans → chlorofluorocarbons → hole in ozone layer → ↑ UV rays → ↑ skin cancer
  4. d food
  5. e animal eats animal or animal eats plant

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  1. drought-resistant plant with shallow roots to capture as much water as possible; can expand to hold extra water; spines
  2. recycle dead organic matter
  3. organisms are spread evenly all around because of competition of limited resources
  4. includes what an organism eats and what it needs to survive
  5. hormones in animals → people eat those animals → people get those hormones → birth defects

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  1. carrying capacitycell respiration of animals and bacterial decomposers (& burning of fossil fuels) add CO2 and remove O2 from air, but photosynthesis removes CO2 and adds O2 to air


  2. fossil fuelschemicals that kill organisms that we
    consider to be undesirable
    ex: insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, mice/rat killers
    makes pests more resistant


  3. biotic potentialother organisms that an organism might interact with


  4. classic population growthgroup of individuals of one species living in one area who can interbreed and interact with each other


  5. insect birth controlcarnivores that eat primary consumers


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