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  1. detritus
  2. Regardless of whether a population has a large or small biotic potential, certain characteristics about growth are...
  3. uniform pattern
  4. toxins
  5. gross primary productivity
  1. a decomposed organic matter of dead plants/animals
  2. b hormones in animals → people eat those animals → people get those hormones → birth defects
  3. c amount of energy converted to chemical energy by photosynthesis per unit time in an ecosystem
  4. d common to all organisms.
  5. e organisms are spread evenly all around because of competition of limited resources

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  1. modified leaves of cacti that protect against animals attacking it for water
  2. producer --> primary consumer --> secondary consumer --> tertiary consumer
  3. the community plus the non-living things they interact with
  4. change plants in fields
  5. examples of how human tried to introduce new species into new ecosystems

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  1. phytoplanktongroup of individuals of one species living in one area who can interbreed and interact with each other


  2. food webmany food chains interwoven with each other


  3. vertical stratificationwhen species live on different levels of ecosystem: some on ground, some on branches, some in treetops


  4. biotic factorsnon-living things that organisms interact with


  5. Size of a population is limited by...# of births, deaths, immigration and emigration


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