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  1. food web
  2. conifer tree
  3. niche
  4. symbiotic relationship
  5. chlorofluorocarbons
  1. a includes what an organism eats and what it needs to survive
  2. b chemicals from frigo & aerosol layers
  3. c many food chains interwoven with each other
  4. d an interaction between two or more species that live together in direct contact
  5. e evergreens; branches point downward to prevent lots of snow accumulation
    ex: spruce & fir

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  1. total # of individuals
  2. 1 benefits (parasite) and 1 harmed (host) (+/-)
  3. 1 benefits and 1 neither helped nor harms (+/o)
  4. "North Pole"
    aka frozen desert b/c little rainfall which cant
    go through the ground
    birds migrate S in winter
    # of individuals > # of species
    plains w/ lakes, ponds, & bogs
  5. reproduce rapidly when area is uncrowded and resources are vast

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  1. spineshormones in animals → people eat those animals → people get those hormones → birth defects


  2. populationgroup of individuals of one species living in one area who can interbreed and interact with each other


  3. examples of abiotic factors1. age at which it starts reproducing
    2. life span during which the organisms are capable of reproducing
    3. # of reproductive periods in the lifetime
    4. # of offspring/ pregnancy


  4. mark and recapturemaximum support of an environment for a population;


  5. Changes in alt. are similar to changes in...latitude


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