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  1. You can build up graphics by layering objects
  2. It is an essential part of system maintenance and security to run this utility on a regular basis
  3. is mainly used in Desktop Publishing Packages
  4. They are resolution dependent
  5. A complexed object with lots of layered objects, can demand a lot of storage space
  1. a Virus Checker (2)
  2. b Disadvantages of Vector Graphics (2)
  3. c Disadvantages of Bitmapped Graphics (2)
  4. d Advantages of Vector Graphics (3)
  5. e TIFF (3)

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  1. TIFF (1)
  2. Disk Defragmenter (2)
  3. Disadvantages of Vector Graphics (1)
  4. Recovery (1)
  5. Advantages of Bitmapped Graphics (1)

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  1. You cannot isolate an individual object in a graphic and edit itDisadvantages of Bitmapped Graphics (3)


  2. They demand a lot of storage space, particularly when lots of colours are usedAdvantages of Bitmapped Graphics (1)


  3. this utility rearranges the contents of the hard disk, s that the data blocks that make up files are contiguousRecovery (1)


  4. Storing a Bitmap will take the same amount of storage space no matter how complex you make the graphicDisadvantages of Bitmapped Graphics (1)


  5. is an 8 bit colour code giving a maximum of 256 coloursGIF (1)


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