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  1. chapters
  2. chief complaint
  3. -78 modifier
  4. unspecified
  5. 3 instance when -51 modifier is used
  1. a this is not specified as benign or malignant in the diagnosis or medical record
  2. b return to the operating room for a related procedure during the postoperative period
  3. c are the main division in the icd-9-CM
  4. d same operation, different sites, multiple operations, same operative session, procedure performed multiple times
  5. e a brief statement describing the symptom, problem, diagnosis, or condition that is the reason a patient seeks medical care

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  1. table of drugs and chemicals
  2. mandated services
  3. each term is followed by the code or codes that apply to that term
  4. index to diseases
  5. provide a 4 digit code which is more specific than category code in terms of cause, site, or manifestation of the condition

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  1. qualified diagnosisa working diagnosis which is not yet established


  2. unlisted proceduresstart w/a letter followed by four numbers and make up more than 2400 five digit alphanumeric codes divided to 22sections, each covering a related group of items


  3. unspecified naturea neoplasm is identified; however, no nature of the tumor is documented in the diagnosis or medical record


  4. new patientone who has not received any medical services within the last 3 yrs.


  5. 79 modifierunrelated procedure or service by the same physician during the postoperative period


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