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  1. category I codes
  2. volume 3
  3. the patient care partnership(patient's bill of rights)
  4. key components of e/m codes
  5. volume 1
  1. a contains codes for surgical, therapeutic, and diagnostic procedures; used primarily by hospitals
  2. b represent services and procedures widely used by many health care professionals in clinical practice in multiple locations and have been approved by the FDA
  3. c developed to promote the interests and well being of the patients and residents of the healthcare facility.
  4. d contains the disease and condition codes and the descriptions, also contains the V codes and E codes
  5. e history, physical examination, medical decision making complexity

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  1. temporary codes for emerging technology, services and procedures. if a category III code is avail., it is reported instead of a category I unlisted code
  2. insurance company that bids for a contract w/CMS to handle the Medicare program in a specific area
  3. supplementary classification codes used to identify health care encounters that occur for reasons other than illness or injury or to identify patients whose illness is influenced by special circumstances or problems
  4. multiple modifiers
  5. return to the operating room for a related procedure during the postoperative period

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  1. preferred provider planthe type of plan a patient may have where they can see providers outside their plan


  2. category II codessupplemental codes used for performance measurements. their use is optional.they're published twice a year jan. 1 and july 1


  3. ICD manual has 3 volumesvolume 1- diseases: tabular list, volume 2- diseases: alphabetic index, volume 3- procedures: tabular list and alphabetic index


  4. neoplasm tablelocated in the index and is organized by anatomic site


  5. surgical package(global surgery)provide a 4 digit code which is more specific than category code in terms of cause, site, or manifestation of the condition


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