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  1. level III codes
  2. qualified diagnosis
  3. primary malignancy
  4. subclassification
  5. v codes
  1. a provides a 5 digit code which gives the highest specificity of description to a condition
  2. b were used locally or regionally have been eliminated by the CMS since the implementation of the HIPAA.
  3. c supplementary classification codes used to identify health care encounters that occur for reasons other than illness or injury or to identify patients whose illness is influenced by special circumstances or problems
  4. d the original cancer site. malignant tumors are considered primary unless documented as secondary or metastatic
  5. e a working diagnosis which is not yet established

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  1. service or procedure, anatomic site, condition or disease, synonym/eponym, abbreviation
  2. contains a list of drugs and chemicals with the corresponding poisoning codes and e codes
  3. used to report services and procedures by physicians. ama publishes and updates this book annually w/a new coming out each nov. and becoming eff jan. 1 of the following calendar year
  4. a document provided to a Medicare beneficiary by a provider prior to service being rendered letting the beneficiary know of his/her responsibility to pay if Medicare denies the claim
  5. poisoning was due to accidental overdose; wrong substance taken; accidents in use of drugs and biologicals; external causes of poisonings classifiable to 980-989

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  1. malignantmild or controlled hypertension and no damage to the vascualr system or organs


  2. HCPCS (healthcare common procedure coding systema collection of codes for procedures, supplies, products, and services that may be provided to medicare and medicaid beneficiaries and also to those enrolled in private health insurance programs


  3. champva(civilian health and medical program of the veterans affairs)created to provide medical benefits to spouses and children of veterans w/total, permanent service related disabilities or for surviving spouses and children of a veteran who died as a result of service related disability


  4. preferred provider planconsided experimental, newly approved, or seldom used may not be listed in the CPT manual. located at the end of the subsectins or subheadings


  5. International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modificationthe terms within parenthesis that may follow the main term in the index


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