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  1. indemnity insurance(fee-for-service)
  2. exclusions and limitations
  3. 5 location methods
  4. v codes
  5. -50 modifier
  1. a bilateral procedure
  2. b services that are paid for are listed in the policy and payments are based on the fees physicians charge for the service. there is a deductible
  3. c supplementary classification codes used to identify health care encounters that occur for reasons other than illness or injury or to identify patients whose illness is influenced by special circumstances or problems
  4. d conditions, situations, and services not covered by the insurance carrier
  5. e service or procedure, anatomic site, condition or disease, synonym/eponym, abbreviation

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  1. instances when a correct substance properly taken is the cause of adverse effects
  2. insurance company that bids for a contract w/CMS to handle the Medicare program in a specific area
  3. the original cancer site. malignant tumors are considered primary unless documented as secondary or metastatic
  4. a managed care plan that gives beneficiaries the option whom to see for services.
  5. consist of codes found in the cpt manual. they are five position numeric codes used to report physician services rendered to patients

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  1. section 1 index to diseasestemporary codes for emerging technology, services and procedures. if a category III code is avail., it is reported instead of a category I unlisted code


  2. cycle of insurance claimssubmission, processing, adjudication, payment


  3. level III codeswere used locally or regionally have been eliminated by the CMS since the implementation of the HIPAA.


  4. neoplasm tablelocated in the index and is organized by anatomic site


  5. ICD manual has 3 volumesvolume 1- diseases: tabular list, volume 2- diseases: alphabetic index, volume 3- procedures: tabular list and alphabetic index


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