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  1. Power, purity
  2. Northwestern Territory, Nunavut Territory, Yukon Territory
  3. 48% (in America - 52%)
  4. 4th
  5. 1962; due to Eisenhower trucking industry
  1. a What two concepts does the unicorn stand for on the shield of Arms of Canada?
  2. b In what year was the Trans-Canada highway completed?
  3. c By what percentage did annual per capita income decrease in Canada between 1928 and 1933?
  4. d Canada had the ___ largest air force in the world after World War II?
  5. e What are the 3 territories of Canada?

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  1. July 1st is known as what to Chinese due to the mass deportation of Chines on July 1st, 1923?
  2. After Warsaw Pact troops entered _____, 10,975 moved to Canada.
  3. What are the main Service Sector jobs? (3/4 of Canadian jobs)
  4. What was the first city in North America designated as a UNESCO site?
  5. Who was Canada's first prime minister?

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  1. Natives, elderlies, hinterland peopleWhat 4 main groups invested heavily in Vancouver?


  2. The War Measures Act (if Canada goes to war: how to fund and who goes to war)Near end of WW2, Canada begins to establish a trade relationship with whom?


  3. Newfoundland, 335What province has the last farmland, and how many square kilometers does it have?


  4. Remoteness( 90% undeveloped), Lack of transportation, lack of industry (only had fishing), weather, geography, Panic of 1873, lack of population (when a dominion in 1867, <4 mill Anglo-Canadians; started active campaigns in Europe to come to Canada)Near end of WW2, Canada begins to establish a trade relationship with whom?


  5. Kim CampbellRefused government subsidies, work for money and/or food


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