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  1. 75%
  2. Chinese, Indians, Caribbean peoples
  3. Asian-Canadians
  4. 2 billion
  5. Atomic Energy Commission, World Food Bank, International Civil Aviation Authority
  1. a These 3 groups are currently immigrating into Canada
  2. b Canada's status as a middle world power was increased through its principal membership in what three organizations?
  3. c How much money was raised for World War I?
  4. d What group was extended full citizenship by 1949?
  5. e ___% of all exports leave Canada to the US.

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  1. Canada wanted Newfoundland to join primarily because of interests with what resource?
  2. Canada gains full independence from British
  3. How many troops were raised for World War I in Canada?
  4. What do the three leaves of the Canadian maple leaf represent?
  5. The dominion parliament passed what act in August of 1914?

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  1. Ontario and QuebecWhat is Canada's most populous province?


  2. 230,000, 17,000How many Canadians served in the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II, and how many died?


  3. Humiliation DayJuly 1st is known as what to Chinese due to the mass deportation of Chines on July 1st, 1923?


  4. 3.3 millionWhat is the largest animal native to Canada?


  5. A short post war boom then a 3 year trade slump due to change in climate (El Nino), Dust Bowl, European Economy going down, and lack of war time government contractsNear end of WW2, Canada begins to establish a trade relationship with whom?


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