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  1. William Lyon Mackenzie King, 1921-1930, 1935-1948
  2. Montreal
  3. 1959 (Montreal to Lake Erie )
  4. 42,042
  5. Iron ore
  1. a What is the largest French-speaking city in the Americas?
  2. b Canada wanted Newfoundland to join primarily because of interests with what resource?
  3. c Which prime minister has served the longest time in office, and what were the years in which he ruled?
  4. d The St. Lawrence Seaway was completed in what year?
  5. e How many Canadians died in World War II?

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  1. What province has the last farmland, and how many square kilometers does it have?
  2. __% of all US Natural gas imports come from Canada
  3. 75% of Canadian population was in what two provinces when Canada became a dominion?
  4. What is the largest animal native to Canada?
  5. Canada had the ___ largest air force in the world after World War II?

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  1. China, Korea, Japan, IndiaWhat 4 main groups invested heavily in Vancouver?


  2. Asian-CanadiansAfter an uprising in 1956, 37,000 ____ moved to Canada


  3. WhiteThe French royal emblem is represented by what color on the Canadian flag?


  4. 17%__% of all US oil imports come from Canada


  5. Quebec (China, US, GB); allied food resources, air transports, POWs, atomic energy (has 1/3 of Uranium)Where were two wartime conferences held in 1943 and 1944? What were the topics?


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