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  1. A short post war boom then a 3 year trade slump due to change in climate (El Nino), Dust Bowl, European Economy going down, and lack of war time government contracts
  2. 75%
  3. Nickel (1/3 of British ammo was from Canada)
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Industrial Workers of the World
  1. a What province was the first with hospital insurance plan and universal prepaid medical care?
  2. b What metal was produced by Canada for artillery shells (90% came from Canada)?
  3. c What followed after WW1?
  4. d What organization was declared illegal in 1918, referred to as the "Bolshevik Menace"?
  5. e ___% of all exports leave Canada to the US.

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  1. What group was extended full citizenship by 1949?
  2. The ____ ____ railroad was completed in what year?
  3. Canadian farms grew what three goods for the Western allies in World War I?
  4. Canada had the ___ largest navy in the world after World War II?
  5. Refused government subsidies, work for money and/or food

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  1. New EnglandPost-World War II trade with Europe ____


  2. China, Korea, Japan, IndiaWhat 4 main groups invested heavily in Vancouver?


  3. OttawaIn what city did the first dominion parliament meet in 1867?


  4. Duty, Valor, PrideWhat do the three leaves of the Canadian maple leaf represent?


  5. English(Off due to "un-participation") 57.8%, French(Off) 22.1 %, Other 20.1%In what year was the Trans-Canada highway completed?


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