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  1. Russia and China (strain on US due to Cold War)
  2. Toronto, Ontario
  3. energy
  4. Quebec (China, US, GB); allied food resources, air transports, POWs, atomic energy (has 1/3 of Uranium)
  5. Atlantic provinces (because low Education levels but has a lot of oil and gas exploration)
  1. a What is the largest city in Canada by population and 5th largest in all of North America?
  2. b The highest unemployment is in what group of provinces?
  3. c Canada is the largest foreign supplier of ___ to the US.
  4. d Near end of WW2, Canada begins to establish a trade relationship with whom?
  5. e Where were two wartime conferences held in 1943 and 1944? What were the topics?

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  1. In what year did British Columbia join the dominion?
  2. What is UNESCO World Heritage Site?
  3. What are Canada's main three trade partners?
  4. This individual coined the term, "global village"
  5. How much did trade increase after NAFTA began in 1994?

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  1. Bay of FundyThe highest tide change (30 feet) in the world is in what place in Canada?


  2. 3.3 millionWho founded Quebec City?


  3. JusticeIn what city did the first dominion parliament meet in 1867?


  4. 17%__% of all US oil imports come from Canada


  5. Newfoundland, 335What province has the last farmland, and how many square kilometers does it have?


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