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  1. 1959 (Montreal to Lake Erie )
  2. 600,000
  3. Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan
  4. Champlain
  5. 42,042
  1. a How many Canadians died in World War II?
  2. b Who founded Quebec City?
  3. c These 3 provinces have the most oil reserves.
  4. d The St. Lawrence Seaway was completed in what year?
  5. e How many troops were raised for World War I in Canada?

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  1. What three groups moved in large numbers to Canada immediately after World War II?
  2. numbers of teachers and schools double because baby boom, vets
  3. How many troops served in the Canadian army in World War II?
  4. What is the largest city in Canada by population and 5th largest in all of North America?
  5. Who is Canada's only woman prime minister?

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  1. William Lyon Mackenzie King, 1921-1930, 1935-1948Which prime minister has served the longest time in office, and what were the years in which he ruled?


  2. Russia and China (strain on US due to Cold War)Near end of WW2, Canada begins to establish a trade relationship with whom?


  3. A debt nationWhat is Canada's most populous province?


  4. decreasedPost-World War II trade with Europe ____


  5. Riding the RailsAfter an uprising in 1956, 37,000 ____ moved to Canada


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