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  1. tripled
  2. Gold, Copper, Nickel
  3. St. George's Cross
  4. The War Measures Act (if Canada goes to war: how to fund and who goes to war)
  5. Timber, Oil, Mining, Aircraft, Fishing, Insurance, Natural gas,
  1. a What are the main resources/industries in modern Canada?
  2. b The red on the Canadian flag represents what component of the British flag? The Battle Flag of GB
  3. c By 1949, veterans in college nearly ___ pre-war University enrollments
  4. d What 3 minerals were developed in the boom years, 1923-1929, in Canada?
  5. e The dominion parliament passed what act in August of 1914?

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  1. What does the lion represent on the shield of Arms of Canada?
  2. What party was Laurier a member of?
  3. How many Canadians died in World War II?
  4. In what way did Canada secure money for World War I?
  5. What does Canada mean in the Huron-Iroquois language?

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  1. 1982__% of all US oil imports come from Canada


  2. 72% (worst case scenario)By what percentage did annual per capita income decrease in Saskatchewan between 1928 and 1933?


  3. Power, purityWhat party was Laurier a member of?


  4. Lion, UnicornCanada wanted Newfoundland to join primarily because of interests with what resource?


  5. Nickel (1/3 of British ammo was from Canada)What metal was produced by Canada for artillery shells (90% came from Canada)?


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