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  1. Quebec City
  2. Chinese
  3. Atomic Energy Commission, World Food Bank, International Civil Aviation Authority
  4. Industrial Workers of the World
  5. 48% (in America - 52%)
  1. a What organization was declared illegal in 1918, referred to as the "Bolshevik Menace"?
  2. b What was the first city in North America designated as a UNESCO site?
  3. c Canada's status as a middle world power was increased through its principal membership in what three organizations?
  4. d These people immigrated into Canada in 1989 after Tienanmen Square uprising.
  5. e By what percentage did annual per capita income decrease in Canada between 1928 and 1933?

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  1. What is Canada's most populous province?
  2. The highest unemployment is in what group of provinces?
  3. The poor in Canada tended to be of what three classes?
  4. What province has the last farmland, and how many square kilometers does it have?
  5. The St. Lawrence Seaway was completed in what year?

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  1. 1871 (East to West)Prior to WW1, Canada was what kind of nation?


  2. Russia and China (strain on US due to Cold War)numbers of teachers and schools double because baby boom, vets


  3. PennyOn what Canadian coin does the maple leaf appear?


  4. ChamplainWho founded Quebec City?


  5. Hong Kong, France, ItalyHow was West Canada emerging?


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