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  1. 1867
  2. Power, purity
  3. 1982
  4. Canadian Pacific, 1885 (Trans - Canada) and population begins to emerge
  5. Nickel (1/3 of British ammo was from Canada)
  1. a What two concepts does the unicorn stand for on the shield of Arms of Canada?
  2. b Canada gains full independence from British
  3. c When was the Canadian Dominion formed?
  4. d The ____ ____ railroad was completed in what year?
  5. e What metal was produced by Canada for artillery shells (90% came from Canada)?

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  1. Import Oil Outside Edmonton, Alberta; sell more energy' exporter
  2. What are the 3 territories of Canada?
  3. ___% of all exports leave Canada to the US.
  4. In what 3 places did Canadian troops mostly see action in during World War II?
  5. What party was Laurier a member of?

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  1. Sir John McDonaldCanada wanted Newfoundland to join primarily because of interests with what resource?


  2. PennyBy 1957, Canada was a leading oil producer, and now has the ___ largest reserves.


  3. Toronto, OntarioRefused government subsidies, work for money and/or food


  4. Timber, Oil, Mining, Aircraft, Fishing, Insurance, Natural gas,What are the main resources/industries in modern Canada?


  5. Wheat, flour, cattleCanadian farms grew what three goods for the Western allies in World War I?


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