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  1. 1982
  2. Chinese
  3. decreased
  4. tripled
  5. Penny
  1. a Post-World War II trade with Europe ____
  2. b By 1949, veterans in college nearly ___ pre-war University enrollments
  3. c These people immigrated into Canada in 1989 after Tienanmen Square uprising.
  4. d Canada gains full independence from British
  5. e On what Canadian coin does the maple leaf appear?

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  1. By 1957, Canada was a leading oil producer, and now has the ___ largest reserves.
  2. Canada's status as a middle world power was increased through its principal membership in what three organizations?
  3. What province has the last farmland, and how many square kilometers does it have?
  4. What holiday is celebrated by Canadians on November 11?
  5. What is UNESCO World Heritage Site?

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  1. Canadian Pacific, 1885 (Trans - Canada) and population begins to emergeNear end of WW2, Canada begins to establish a trade relationship with whom?


  2. LaurierCanada had the ___ largest navy in the world after World War II?


  3. Remoteness( 90% undeveloped), Lack of transportation, lack of industry (only had fishing), weather, geography, Panic of 1873, lack of population (when a dominion in 1867, <4 mill Anglo-Canadians; started active campaigns in Europe to come to Canada)Near end of WW2, Canada begins to establish a trade relationship with whom?


  4. WinnipegIn which city was there a general strike between unions and metal workers in 1919?


  5. 2 billionWhat is the largest animal native to Canada?


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