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  1. distributive shock
  2. Nursing considerations for septic shock
  3. What is anaphylactic shock characterized by?
  4. Use of IV nitroglycerine (Tridil) in cardiogenic shock
  5. neurogenic shock
  1. a Vasodilation, Capillary permeability, Bronchospasm
  2. b I&O, VS (especially temp), labs.
  3. c MASSIVE VASODILATION resulting in relative hypovolemia (3 divisions: anaphylactic, neurogenic, septic)
  4. d Dilates vessels to enhance blood flow to the myocardium. Drug of choice for chest pain during MI.
  5. e vasodilation d/t nerve injury and suppression of SNS.

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  1. Vasoconstriction alpha 1 stimulator
  2. VS, elastic compression stockings, HOB elevated 30 degrees.
  3. Treat underlying cause (may need surgery),
    Fluid and blood replacement (colloids-albumin; crystalloids (NS and LR)
    Redistribution of fluid - modified Trendelenburg
    Medications - dopamin (Intropine) & dobutamine (Dobutrex) (only if adequate intravascular fluid)
  4. Id and treat infection (usually Gram neg); eliminate potential sources of infection (remove and culture all lines and tubes, restart lines at different sites); Start broad spectrum abx-usually 3rd generation cephalosporin and an aminoglycoside, until C&S reports are received. Change abx according to organisms to a more specific/less toxic abx.; fluid replacement; aggressive nutritional support
  5. pump failure - 80-100% mortality rate

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  1. 3 organs most concerned about with shockbrain, heart, kidneys (cells with high metabolic rates


  2. What is septic shock characterized by?vasodilation (lowers BP) and increased capillary permeability/leakage d/t cellular injury from bacterial toxins- lose fluid out of vasculature.


  3. Nursing considerations during cardiogenic shockvital signs, electrolyte imbalance, I&O, correct acidosis


  4. Use of isoproterenol (Isuprel) in cardiogenic shokLimited to shock associated with slow HR and myocardial depression. Not a first line drug, used when pt not responsive to other meds.


  5. What are the EXTRINSIC precipitating factors for septic shock?Extremes of age, Immunosuppression, Chronic illness, Malnutrition.


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