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  1. Commerce
  2. Regiment
  3. Declaration
  4. Republic
  5. Magna Carta
  1. a The English charter granted in 1215 by King John. It lists the rights of the royal class and limits the rights of the king.
  2. b A form of government in which people elect representatives to govern the country. (ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION)
  3. c A large, organized group of soldiers.
  4. d Trade.
  5. e An official statement.

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  1. A list of freedoms. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
  2. The freedom to govern on one's own.
  3. Not taking a side in a disagreement.
  4. Loyalty.
  5. A place in which a river divides.

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  1. NegotiateTo talk with another to work out an agreement.


  2. EnlistTo join.


  3. IntolerableA representative.


  4. Olive BranchTo accuse a government official, such as the President, of


  5. ParliamentAn addition or change to the Constitution.


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