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  1. Negotiate
  2. Commander in Chief
  3. Representation
  4. Ratify
  5. Allegiance
  1. a To approve.
  2. b To talk with another to work out an agreement.
  3. c Loyalty.
  4. d A person who is in control of all the armed forces of a nation. THE PRESIDENT.
  5. e The act of speaking on behalf of someone else.

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  1. A citizen who was against ratification of the Constitution.
  2. Fairness.
  3. An opening or a low place between mountains.
  4. An idea for a new law.
  5. A group of officials chosen by citizens to vote for the President and Vice President.

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  1. QuarterTo provide or pay for housing at no cost to another person.


  2. PreambleAn introduction; first part.


  3. Political PartyA group whose members seek to elect government officials who share the group's points of view about many issues.


  4. CongressA group of the President's most important advisers.


  5. LoyalistAfter the American Revolution, a citizen who wanted a strong national government and was in favor of ratifying the Constitution.


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