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  1. Blockade
  2. Preamble
  3. Earthwork
  4. Representation
  5. Due Process of Law
  1. a A wall made of dirt or stone.
  2. b To use warships to prevent other ships from entering or leaving a harbor.
  3. c The act of speaking on behalf of someone else.
  4. d The principle that guarantees the right to a fair public trial.
  5. e An introduction; first part.

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  1. To accuse a government official, such as the President, of
  2. To approve.
  3. An important meeting.
  4. A system that gives each branch of government different powers so that each branch can watch over the authority of the others.
  5. To provide or pay for housing at no cost to another person.

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  1. AmendmentAn addition or change to the Constitution.


  2. BillAn idea for a new law.


  3. MonopolyThe complete control of a product or service.


  4. Anti-FederalistA citizen who was against ratification of the Constitution.


  5. IntolerableAn introduction; first part.


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