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  1. Federal System
  2. Negotiate
  3. Quarter
  4. French and Indian War
  5. Federalist
  1. a To provide or pay for housing at no cost to another person.
  2. b After the American Revolution, a citizen who wanted a strong national government and was in favor of ratifying the Constitution.
  3. c This war began as a competition between Britain and France for control of the Ohio Valley region.
  4. d To talk with another to work out an agreement.
  5. e A system of government in which the authority to govern is shared by the central and state governments.

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  1. An official population count.
  2. To use warships to prevent other ships from entering or leaving a harbor.
  3. A rule that is used in deciding how to behave.
  4. To approve.
  5. A large, organized group of soldiers.

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  1. AllyAn idea for a new law.


  2. BudgetTo provide or pay for housing at no cost to another person.


  3. OrdinanceA complaint.


  4. ParliamentThe lawmaking body of the British government.


  5. PatriotA colonist who was against British rule and supported the rebel cause in the American Colonies.


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