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  1. Due Process of Law
  2. Public Opinion
  3. Bill
  4. Convention
  5. Electoral College
  1. a An idea for a new law.
  2. b A group of officials chosen by citizens to vote for the President and Vice President.
  3. c The principle that guarantees the right to a fair public trial.
  4. d The point of view held by the majority of people.
  5. e An important meeting.

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  1. A soldier who serves for pay in the military of a foreign nation.
  2. A citizen who was against ratification of the Constitution.
  3. Land that belongs to a national government but is not a state.
  4. Loyalty.
  5. To cancel, or undo, a law.

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  1. MonopolyTo refuse to buy or use goods or services.


  2. OrdinanceA formal agreement among nations, states, or individuals to cooperate.


  3. ProclamationAn order from a leader to the citizens.


  4. CensusTo join.


  5. RepublicAn introduction; first part.


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