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  1. sperm
  2. clitoris
  3. breast
  4. menstruation
  5. seminal vesicle
  1. a the release of endometrium or blood lining through the vagina
  2. b purpose is for sexual arousal in the female
  3. c the male sex cell
  4. d either of two milk secreting glandular organs on the chest of the female
  5. e the structure that gives sperm fructose (sugar) for energy

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  1. the tip of the penis
  2. the passageway for urine in the male and female
  3. the passageway that carries the ova/ovum to the uterus
  4. refers to the sac that holds the ova
  5. the structure inside the testes that stores sperm

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  1. endometriumthe blood lining located inside of the uterus


  2. penisorgan for sexual intercourse


  3. acrosomethe tip of the head of the sperm that carries the genetic material


  4. seminiferous tubulesthe structure inside the testes that produces sperm


  5. prostate glandfemale hormone


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