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  1. nocturnal emission
  2. ejaculation
  3. estrogen
  4. masturbation
  5. fallopian tubes
  1. a female hormone
  2. b an involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep
  3. c the passageway that carries the ova/ovum to the uterus
  4. d the release of semen through the ejaculatory duct
  5. e excititation of one's own genital organs

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  1. the structure inside the testes that stores sperm
  2. female sex organ, menstrual flow, birth of a baby and passageway for arriving semen
  3. the structrue that holds the testes in place and controls the temperature for sperm production
  4. the process when the ova/ovum is released once each month from the ovary(s)
  5. refers to one egg

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  1. ovariesrefers to more than one egg


  2. menopauseorgan for sexual intercourse


  3. testosteronefemale hormone


  4. breasteither of two milk secreting glandular organs on the chest of the female


  5. prostate glandfemale hormone


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