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  1. estrogen
  2. vas deferens
  3. epididymus
  4. menstruation
  5. endometrium
  1. a female hormone
  2. b the release of endometrium or blood lining through the vagina
  3. c the blood lining located inside of the uterus
  4. d the passageway for sperm
  5. e the structure inside the testes that stores sperm

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  1. either of two milk secreting glandular organs on the chest of the female
  2. the structrue that holds the testes in place and controls the temperature for sperm production
  3. female hormone
  4. the male sex cell
  5. a test performed by a doctor to see if a female has cancer of any reproductive organs

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  1. glansrefers to more than one egg


  2. ovumrefers to one egg


  3. fallopian tubesa phase in life when females no longer ovulate or menstruate


  4. ovariesrefers to the sac that holds the ova


  5. hymensperm, alkaline, alkaline, and fructose


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