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  1. clitoris
  2. epididymus
  3. masturbation
  4. seminiferous tubules
  5. ova
  1. a the structure inside the testes that produces sperm
  2. b the structure inside the testes that stores sperm
  3. c refers to more than one egg
  4. d purpose is for sexual arousal in the female
  5. e excititation of one's own genital organs

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  1. the process when the ova/ovum is released once each month from the ovary(s)
  2. a doctor for females who advises and treats problems of the female reproductive structures
  3. sperm, alkaline, alkaline, and fructose
  4. the structure that gives sperm fructose (sugar) for energy
  5. an UNACCEPTABLE form of "birth control"

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  1. pap smeara thin membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina


  2. menopauseorgan for sexual intercourse


  3. spermthe male sex cell


  4. fallopian tubesthe passageway that carries the ova/ovum to the uterus


  5. circumcisionthe medical procedure when the foreskin is removed from the penis


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