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  1. humanae vitae
  2. apostolic succession
  3. deprived
  4. nuns
  5. tabernacle
  1. a The Latin title of Pope Paul VI's encyclical meaning, "Of Human Life," reaffirming that the use of artificial birth control is intrinsically wrong. This document has sometimes been called prophetic for its accurate prediction of the decline in morality which would occur if the use of artificial birth control became widespread.
  2. b Women who withdraws from the world to avoid the temptations in order to live a Christian life.
  3. c taken away from
  4. d (Judaism) a portable sanctuary in which the Jews carried the Ark of the Covenant on their exodus
  5. e The handing on of ecclesiastical authority from the Apostles to their successors the bishops through the laying on of hands.

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  1. an assertion offering firsthand authentication of a fact
  2. the loving embrace of a married couple through sexual intercourse, in which they become "one-flesh". The Scriptures teach that this union prefigures the total communion we will have with God in heaven.
  3. Women celibates who generally live in convents and dedicate themselves to active ministry wherever there is a need.
  4. The scriptural imagery using the earthly understanding of marriage to convey the power and fidelity of God's love for humans and Christ's love for the Church
  5. things that we do to care for the physical needs of others

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  1. church disciplinejudging whether an action is right or wrong, based upon the truths that God has revealed to us


  2. ordinatio sacerdotalisAn apostolic letter written by John Paul II in 1994 regarding the reservation of the priesthood to men alone.


  3. fruitful lovelove that is committed. That commitment guides all other actions. You keep your promises once you have made them, no matter how your feelings may change.


  4. moral discernmentThe sacrament of Marriage as it was in the beginning-the original revelation of God's love in the world.


  5. objectifyhormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland (trade name Pitocin)


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