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  1. apostolic succession
  2. sexual addiction
  3. ontological
  4. total love
  5. fornication
  1. a of or relating to ontology
  2. b love without strings attached that holds nothing back
  3. c extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations
  4. d The handing on of ecclesiastical authority from the Apostles to their successors the bishops through the laying on of hands.
  5. e a compulsive and frequent habit of seeking sexual pleasures

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  1. a person devoted to the contemplative life
  2. generally speaking, the words that speak truth and compassion. Specifically regarding the body, the truth and totality of self communicated through the body in sexual intercourse.
  3. doctrine that society should be governed by certain ethical principals that are part of nature and as such can be understood by reason
  4. "let it be"
  5. Reality as it is, apart from what we think or feel about it.

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  1. internal constraintsthe laws of God or society that protect us from abusing our free will and hurting ourselves or others


  2. encyclicala message from the pope, especially for roman catholics


  3. courtshiphormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland (trade name Pitocin)


  4. corporal works of mercyjudging whether an action is right or wrong, based upon the truths that God has revealed to us


  5. contraceptionthe particular occupation for which you are trained


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