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  1. birth control
  2. nuns
  3. religious sisters
  4. contemplative
  5. free will
  1. a a person devoted to the contemplative life
  2. b Women who withdraws from the world to avoid the temptations in order to live a Christian life.
  3. c normally refers to the general method of preventing pregnancy through various ways of altering or changing the body's natural state of fertility into a state of infertility
  4. d the power of making free choices
  5. e Women celibates who generally live in convents and dedicate themselves to active ministry wherever there is a need.

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  1. love without strings attached that holds nothing back
  2. A practice or norm created by the Church that is firm and should be followed, but could be changed by the Church in the future. Examples are abstaining from meat on Fridays during Lent, needing to be sixteen years old to be a confirmation sponsor, and priestly celibacy. This is different than Church doctrine (teaching) which is unchanging.
  3. a message from the pope, especially for roman catholics
  4. the laws of God or society that protect us from abusing our free will and hurting ourselves or others
  5. the social science that studies the origins and social relationships of human beings

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  1. ethos of the imageThe responsibility of all viewers of the human body portrayed in art, to see humans as persons with dignity, not objects to be lustfully desired.


  2. internal constraintsDistractions or disordered desires within us that steer us away from choosing the good.


  3. fruitful lovelove that is committed. That commitment guides all other actions. You keep your promises once you have made them, no matter how your feelings may change.


  4. NFPWomen who withdraws from the world to avoid the temptations in order to live a Christian life.


  5. language of the bodyThe Christian belief that when Christ comes again he will reunite the bodies of every human with their souls.


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