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  1. 4
  2. ribose
  3. four
  4. dependent variable
  5. hydrogen bonds
  1. a The measured outcome of an experiment
  2. b N₂O₂ has how many total atoms?
  3. c Carbon atoms must share ____________ electrons to be stable
  4. d The sugar of a RNA molecule.
  5. e The attraction of a hydrogen atom of one water molecule to an oxygen atom of another water molecule forms

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  1. In order for your body to undergo reactions and normal body function, it requires _____.
  2. Electrons move about the nucleus in regions called ____________.
  3. The first electron energy level can contain a maximum of ______ electrons
  4. A substance that forms hydrogen ions in water is an
  5. Isotopes are the same atoms with different numbers of

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  1. polymersWater can dissolve many compounds because of its


  2. ionicmetals and nonmetals form __________ compounds


  3. codominantTwo or more elements chemically bonding together is called a _____________.


  4. meiosisDivision of body cells


  5. vacuoleStorage sacs


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