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  1. metaphase
  2. base
  3. photosynthesis
  4. rRNA
  5. flagella
  1. a Chromosomes line up along midline
  2. b pH of 13 is considered a strong ____________.
  3. c long whip-like extension of the cell used for movement
  4. d The light reaction and calvin cycle are two parts to ________________
  5. e A globular RNA that is combined with special protein that makes up a ribosome

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  1. The three main parts of a cell
  2. A scientific explanation that's been tested over time is a _________.
  3. Enzymes in the human body are ___________.
  4. Type of RNA that is a blue print of the DNA molecule which leaves the nucleus during protein synthesis
  5. The phase of meiosis when 4 haploid cells form is called

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  1. fourCarbon atoms must share ____________ electrons to be stable


  2. gene Therapynasal spray allowing good genes to enter and person's body


  3. hydrogen bondsThe attraction of a hydrogen atom of one water molecule to an oxygen atom of another water molecule forms


  4. XXMales have XY chromosomes and females have sex chromosomes called _____.


  5. pyruvic acidDuring the first step of respiration, glucose is broken down into


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