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  1. nitrogen bases
  2. series of enzymes
  3. heterozygous
  4. XX
  5. neutrons
  1. a Two alleles; one dominant and one recessive is said to be ______.
  2. b Males have XY chromosomes and females have sex chromosomes called _____.
  3. c What part of the DNA molecule gets copied during transcription?
  4. d Isotopes are the same atoms with different numbers of
  5. e What monitors the cell's cycle from phase to phase?

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  1. Biology is the study of ______________.
  2. Water can dissolve many compounds because of its
  3. Research that's reported in numerical form with charts and graphs.
  4. Dissolving substances is a ___________ change since you can achieve the solid again by boiling the liquid
  5. Carbon atoms must share ____________ electrons to be stable

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  1. metricScience uses which system to measure items?


  2. nitrogen basesWhen DNA is copied, these pair up to form a new strand.


  3. crossing overWhat could be one result of mutated skin cells of a person?


  4. proteinsEnzymes in the human body are ___________.


  5. prophaseCell begins to undergo Mitosis by coiling up chromosomes


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