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  1. translocation
  2. adenine
  3. dynamic Equilibrium
  4. cytoplasm
  5. protein synthesis
  1. a The process of a part of a chromosome breaking off and is added to a different chromosome is called _____________
  2. b _____________ bonds to thymine on a DNA molecule or uracil on RNA.
  3. c jelly-like matrix that suspends organelles
  4. d When diffusion slow down and stops __________ is reached.
  5. e Putting amino acids together

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  1. Mendel's law that states only one factor from each parent is passed to the offspring is called _______.
  2. long whip-like extension of the cell used for movement
  3. When a portion of a chromosome is missing or breaks off.
  4. placing cut DNA in a gel-filled well to separate them by size and charge
  5. Power-house of the cell (converts larger molecules into ATP for energy use)

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  1. organicAll carbon compounds are called ___________________.


  2. tRNAA globular RNA that is combined with special protein that makes up a ribosome


  3. aerobicDivision of body cells


  4. physicalDissolving substances is a ___________ change since you can achieve the solid again by boiling the liquid


  5. rRNAA substance that forms hydrogen ions in water is an


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