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  1. deoxyribose
  2. arrangement of atoms
  3. translation
  4. ribosome
  5. organic
  1. a The dropping off of amino acids for protein assembly is called ______.
  2. b All carbon compounds are called ___________________.
  3. c The sugar of a DNA molecule.
  4. d the site of protein synthesis
  5. e Compounds with the same chemical formula will differ in ________________

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  1. N₂O₂ has how many total atoms?
  2. The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called __________.
  3. The process of a part of a chromosome breaking off and is added to a different chromosome is called _____________
  4. diagram showing an inherited disease over several generations
  5. Carbon atoms must share ____________ electrons to be stable

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  1. lysosomeGuanine base binds to _________


  2. mitosisDivision of body cells


  3. control GroupThe part of a science experiment that's kept the same.


  4. animals cellsAll living things are made up of _________.


  5. energyIn order for your body to undergo reactions and normal body function, it requires _____.


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