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  1. cell, nucleus, chromosome, DNA, nucleotide
  2. characteristics of living things
  3. tRNA
  4. nitrogen bases
  5. ionic
  1. a Clover shaped RNA that picks up amino acids for transport to the ribosome
  2. b Ability to reproduce, high level of organization, growth, adaptation, responding to stimuli and requiring energy are all examples of
  3. c metals and nonmetals form __________ compounds
  4. d What part of the DNA molecule gets copied during transcription?
  5. e Put in order from largest to smallest: DNA, nucleotide, cell, chromosome, nucleus

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  1. Converts light energy to chemical energy
  2. Non-metals like chlorine typically will _________ electrons to become stable.
  3. A gene is a segment of DNA that controls the production of ________.
  4. Thin strands of DNA
  5. All living things __________ to make more of themselves.

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  1. tetradsScience uses which system to measure items?


  2. glycolysisThe first step in BREAKING DOWN a glucose molecule


  3. 2The gamete produced by the mother.


  4. chloroplastThe longest phase of the cell's cycle.


  5. ATPMales have XY chromosomes and females have sex chromosomes called _____.


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