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  1. photosynthesis
  2. aerobic respiration
  3. mitosis
  4. animals cells
  5. independent variable
  1. a Which type of cells do not have a cell wall?
  2. b The light reaction and calvin cycle are two parts to ________________
  3. c Division of body cells
  4. d glycolysis, krebs and electron transport chain are all steps in
  5. e The variable being tested in an experiment

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  1. The metric unit for volume is
  2. water has slight charges on its ends due to unequal sharing of electrons causing a property called
  3. Pink flowers from red and white parent combination shows the trait is ____.
  4. Which term is most complex: cell, organ system, organ or tissue?
  5. Control Center of Cell

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  1. phenotypeWater can dissolve many compounds because of its


  2. where the person livesCancer rates for people will follow according to the country ____________


  3. interphaseLiving things adjust to a stimulus by a ______________.


  4. anaphase IIThe phase of meiosis when chromatids separate from each other


  5. isotopesCarbon-12 carbon-13 carbon-14 are examples of ___________


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