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  1. scientific Method
  2. cell membrane cytoplasm and nucelus
  3. Hooke
  4. nucleus
  5. recessive alleles
  1. a The three main parts of a cell
  2. b Protons and neutrons are located in the __________ of an atom.
  3. c Most human genetic disorders are caused by
  4. d Steps used in science that gathers information, tests hypothesis, and solve problems is called
  5. e First to describe cells

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  1. Living things adjust to a stimulus by a ______________.
  2. Royal hemophilia is the result of _____________ inheritance
  3. The measured outcome of an experiment
  4. What monitors the cell's cycle from phase to phase?
  5. Guanine base binds to _________

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  1. fermentationthe breakdown of glucose to usable energy


  2. organicAll carbon compounds are called ___________________.


  3. gene TherapyIn order for your body to undergo reactions and normal body function, it requires _____.


  4. meiosisDivision of cells that will form gametes


  5. synapsisChromatids separate at the centromere


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