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  1. ribose
  2. nucleus
  3. physical
  4. 4
  5. Hooke
  1. a First to describe cells
  2. b Protons and neutrons are located in the __________ of an atom.
  3. c Dissolving substances is a ___________ change since you can achieve the solid again by boiling the liquid
  4. d The sugar of a RNA molecule.
  5. e N₂O₂ has how many total atoms?

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  1. pH of 13 is considered a strong ____________.
  2. Royal hemophilia is the result of _____________ inheritance
  3. Type of RNA that is a blue print of the DNA molecule which leaves the nucleus during protein synthesis
  4. Known as the Father of Microscopy
  5. Science uses which system to measure items?

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  1. protein synthesisPutting amino acids together


  2. dynamic EquilibriumDuring the first step of respiration, glucose is broken down into


  3. pedigreediagram showing an inherited disease over several generations


  4. scientific MethodSteps used in science that gathers information, tests hypothesis, and solve problems is called


  5. uracilA substance that forms hydrogen ions in water is an


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