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  1. anaphase
  2. cell, nucleus, chromosome, DNA, nucleotide
  3. aerobic respiration
  4. four
  5. deoxyribose
  1. a Chromatids separate at the centromere
  2. b Put in order from largest to smallest: DNA, nucleotide, cell, chromosome, nucleus
  3. c Carbon atoms must share ____________ electrons to be stable
  4. d glycolysis, krebs and electron transport chain are all steps in
  5. e The sugar of a DNA molecule.

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  1. N₂O₂ has how many total atoms?
  2. Cell begins to undergo Mitosis by coiling up chromosomes
  3. What could be one result of mutated skin cells of a person?
  4. Enzymes attach to molecules called __________that undergo chemical reactions in the body
  5. nasal spray allowing good genes to enter and person's body

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  1. cellsAll living things are made up of _________.


  2. rRNAThe metric unit commonly used for mass is _____ for small items and kilogram for heavier items.


  3. polarityA gene is a segment of DNA that controls the production of ________.


  4. cytoplasmChlorophyll is located in what organelle?


  5. responseAcids have a pH _______ than seven.


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