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Biology Semester I Exam Review Test

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  1. acid
  2. dependent variable
  3. phenotype
  4. observing
  5. meter
  1. a Questions arise from individuals __________ the world around them.
  2. b Looking at the physical features of a dog will provide the dog's ________.
  3. c The metric base unit for length is
  4. d A substance that forms hydrogen ions in water is an
  5. e The measured outcome of an experiment

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. The attraction of a hydrogen atom of one water molecule to an oxygen atom of another water molecule forms
  2. picture of chromosomes which help locate abnormalities
  3. Enzymes attach to molecules called __________that undergo chemical reactions in the body
  4. glycolysis, krebs and electron transport chain are all steps in
  5. Proteins contain what element that fats and carbohydrates don't have?

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  1. cytoplasmjelly-like matrix that suspends organelles


  2. cellsShort hair-like; used for movement


  3. respirationthe breakdown of glucose to usable energy


  4. energyClover shaped RNA that picks up amino acids for transport to the ribosome


  5. interphaseTwo new cells form


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