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  1. covalent
  2. acid
  3. heredity
  4. lipid bilayer
  5. photosynthesis
  1. a nonmetals form ___________ compounds with other nonmetals
  2. b The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called __________.
  3. c The cell membrane is made up of a ________________.
  4. d A substance that forms hydrogen ions in water is an
  5. e The light reaction and calvin cycle are two parts to ________________

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  1. Control Center of Cell
  2. Division of body cells
  3. During the first step of respiration, glucose is broken down into
  4. Steps used in science that gathers information, tests hypothesis, and solve problems is called
  5. Process which forms Messenger RNA

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  1. hypertonicWater moves out of a cell when the cell is placed in a ________ solution like sugar water.


  2. tetradsThe study of standards for what is right and wrong is called ______.


  3. arrangement of atoms__________ occurs after glycolysis if oxygen is absent


  4. polar bodiesWater leaving or entering a cell does so through a process known as __________.


  5. doubleCarbon atoms must share ____________ electrons to be stable


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