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  1. coercion and threats
  2. active listening
  3. what determines whether anger is a healthy/unhealthy response?
  4. competition
  5. accomodation
  1. a paying close attention to what someone's saying. Ex: "I understand"
  2. b making a person do illegal things
  3. c if there's violence and domestic abuse
  4. d person gives in to other person, lose-win
  5. e person views conflict as competition and pursues own goals, win-lose

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  1. most common STD with teens
  2. saying abuse didn't happen
  3. preventing a person from getting a job
  4. satisfies some needs but not all needs and concerns, win-win
  5. rephrasing speaker's words. Ex: "I know that Bob's a little sick and Angie's being a brat"

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  1. aggressivebeing unable to express thoughts and feelings in a direct/firm manner. Ex: saying nothing when a roommate borrows your toothbrush


  2. acceptancea person begins to learn how to live with a loss


  3. intimidationsmashing things


  4. four things we can do to help us calm downcount to ten, take deep breaths, watch a movie, take a walk


  5. bargainingonly 100% safe and effective means of preventions of STIs


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