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  1. what determines whether anger is a healthy/unhealthy response?
  2. four things we can do to help us calm down
  3. three anger signals
  4. HPV
  5. active listening
  1. a virus; primary cause of cervical cancer
  2. b count to ten, take deep breaths, watch a movie, take a walk
  3. c paying close attention to what someone's saying. Ex: "I understand"
  4. d clenching teeth, shaking, red face
  5. e if there's violence and domestic abuse

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  1. only 100% safe and effective means of preventions of STIs
  2. bacterial; bacterium affects mucous
  3. relating to someone's feelings. Ex: "I know what I did hurt you, and it was wrong"
  4. rephrasing speaker's words. Ex: "I know that Bob's a little sick and Angie's being a brat"
  5. satisfies some needs but not all needs and concerns, win-win

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  1. Herpesvirus; primary cause of cervical cancer


  2. bargainingmaking promises in the hope that what is true can be avoided


  3. aggressiveoverly powerful, pushy, or hostile. Ex: throwing your dinner plate at your older brother when he makes fun of you


  4. AIDSviral


  5. accomodationsmashing things


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