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  1. economic abuse
  2. HPV
  3. You-message
  4. paraphrasing
  5. active listening
  1. a statement focuses on someone else's behavior rather than your feelings. Ex: "You are so selfish"
  2. b preventing a person from getting a job
  3. c paying close attention to what someone's saying. Ex: "I understand"
  4. d virus; primary cause of cervical cancer
  5. e rephrasing speaker's words. Ex: "I know that Bob's a little sick and Angie's being a brat"

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  1. making a person do illegal things
  2. expressing your views clearly and respectfully. Ex: someone cuts in front of you in a line, and you say "hey, I was standing there"
  3. making all the "big" decisions
  4. being unable to express thoughts and feelings in a direct/firm manner. Ex: saying nothing when a roommate borrows your toothbrush
  5. controlling what a person does, who they talk to, and where they go

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  1. deniala person refuses to believe the loss occured


  2. syphilisviral


  3. angera person blames himself or herself or others for the loss


  4. aggressiveoverly powerful, pushy, or hostile. Ex: throwing your dinner plate at your older brother when he makes fun of you


  5. chlamydiaviral


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