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  1. Modern Theory
  2. slower
  3. let the water evaporate
  4. atomic number
  5. orange
  1. a what color would pH paper turn in water?
  2. b An atom has a nucleus surrounded by a large region, where the most likely location for an electron can be found.
  3. c equal to the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom
  4. d at the same temperature, more massive particles move _____ than less massive particles
  5. e how would you seperate sugar from water?

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  1. the change of a substance from a liquid to a gas
  2. family that tends to lose one valence electron
  3. when one substance can be dissolved in another (like sugar in water)
  4. Matter cannot be divided into smaller and smaller pieces forever. Eventually the smallest piece, called an atom, will be reached.
  5. a reaction in which a compound breaks down into two or more simple substances

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  1. enzymewhat color would a solution of window cleaner turn litmus paper?


  2. covalentthe force of attraction between the nuclei of atoms and the electrons shared by the atoms


  3. protona positively charged atom in the nucleus of an atom


  4. Periodic Lawhaving a regular, repeating pattern


  5. redhow many valence electrons does Aluminum have?


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