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  1. 18
  2. Modern Theory
  3. matter
  4. electromagnetic force
  5. metallic
  1. a how many electrons can be held in the 3rd energy level?
  2. b anything that has mass and volume
  3. c force responsible for the attraction between subatomic particles (ex. protons are attracted to neutrons)
  4. d An atom has a nucleus surrounded by a large region, where the most likely location for an electron can be found.
  5. e when electrons are free to move from one atom to the next, what type of bond are they most likely involved in?

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  1. a reaction in which elements combine to form a compound
  2. when one substance cannot be dissolved in another (like oil in water)
  3. the opposite of a synthesis reaction
  4. a substance formed when atoms of two or more elements join together
  5. a chemical change in which elements are combined or rearranged

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  1. 3how many valence electrons does Aluminum have?


  2. periodicin what period is Helium found?


  3. saltthe process of melting, evaporation and sublimation require that the particles _____ energy


  4. left of the arrowwhere are reactants found in a chemical equation/


  5. Mendleevarranged the periodic table by increasing atomic mass


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