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  1. 9
  2. sift the sand out
  3. exothermic reaction
  4. Halogens
  5. Actinides
  1. a which pH would be associated with a weak base (1, 5, 9, 14)?
  2. b How would you seperate sand from water?
  3. c the set of transition metals that are radioactive
  4. d a reaction in which energy is released
  5. e family that tends to gain one valence electron

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  1. where would you find the metals?
  2. the set of transition metals that are shiny and found in the first row of the periodic table
  3. what family has 5 valence electrons?
  4. how many electrons can be held in the 1st energy level?
  5. what color would pH paper turn in soap?

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  1. solublewhen one substance cannot be dissolved in another (like oil in water)


  2. basethe process of freezing, condensation and deposition require that the particles ______ energy


  3. electrolytethe substance being dissolved


  4. elementmatter that has only one kind of atom


  5. suspensionthe change of a substance from a solid to a gas


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