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Science final review II - Rubin Test

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  1. This law helps preserve biodiversity.
  2. The ancestors of snakes used legs to walk on land. The small leg bones that are still in the bodies of snakes are
  3. A cell grows and carries out life functions in
  4. In the area around a city, large homes, malls, and new roads are built. This is an example of
  5. A substance that makes air, water, or land harmful for life is called
  1. a Endangered Species Act
  2. b suburban development
  3. c vestigial organs
  4. d interphase
  5. e a pollutant

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  1. a frog
  2. an invasive
  3. secondary succession
  4. wind
  5. variation, competition ,survival and reproduction

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  1. A group of organisms that live in a particular area is a(n)population


  2. As you become an adult, the cells in your bodykeep dividing


  3. An example of a renewable resource iswood


  4. The source of energy for almost all life on Earth issunlight


  5. The study of how living things interact is calledsalty


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