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  1. An animal has an allele for white fur, but its fur is black. The allele for white fur is
  2. Sand dunes are created by
  3. A cell grows and carries out life functions in
  4. Mangroves grow in this type of water.
  5. An ecosystem is made up of
  1. a living things and the physical environment
  2. b wind
  3. c interphase
  4. d recessive
  5. e salty

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  1. seaweeds
  2. population
  3. sunlight
  4. ecology
  5. a frog

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  1. A fossil is an object that contains traces, remains, or evidence ofpopulation


  2. In the area around a city, large homes, malls, and new roads are built. This is an example ofsunlight


  3. The ancestors of snakes used legs to walk on land. The small leg bones that are still in the bodies of snakes aresunlight


  4. An example of a renewable resource isa frog


  5. This law helps preserve biodiversity.wind


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