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Science final review II - Rubin Test

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  1. A cell grows and carries out life functions in
  2. A group of organisms that live in a particular area is a(n)
  3. This law helps preserve biodiversity.
  4. Human activities like habitat destruction, poachng, and pollution can cause
  5. An example of a renewable resource is
  1. a interphase
  2. b Endangered Species Act
  3. c extinction
  4. d wood
  5. e population

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  1. living things and the physical environment
  2. an invasive
  3. living things from long ago
  4. a pollutant
  5. sunlight

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  1. Sand dunes are created byliving things and the physical environment


  2. After a forest fire, grasses and small shrubs begin to grow. Eventually, trees grow back. This is an example ofsecondary succession


  3. Mangroves grow in this type of things and the physical environment


  4. An inherited trait that gives an organism an advantage in its particular environment isan adaptation


  5. Natural selection occurs due towind


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