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  1. This law helps preserve biodiversity.
  2. The source of energy for almost all life on Earth is
  3. After a forest fire, grasses and small shrubs begin to grow. Eventually, trees grow back. This is an example of
  4. An inherited trait that gives an organism an advantage in its particular environment is
  5. A fossil is an object that contains traces, remains, or evidence of
  1. a living things from long ago
  2. b sunlight
  3. c an adaptation
  4. d Endangered Species Act
  5. e secondary succession

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  1. living things and the physical environment
  2. extinction
  3. population
  4. seaweeds
  5. vestigial organs

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  1. House sparrows from England were released in the U.S. They have competed with native blue birds. These sparrows are _____ species.sunlight


  2. A substance that makes air, water, or land harmful for life is calleda pollutant


  3. An example of a consumer in a pond ecosystem isa frog


  4. Mangroves grow in this type of things and the physical environment


  5. The study of how living things interact is calledecology


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