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  1. canaliculi
  2. connective tissue
  3. simple gland
  4. regeneration
  5. necrosis
  1. a small hair-like canals extending from the central canal. Allow for diffusion of nutrients, waste products, hormones, etc. to lacunae.
  2. b (biology) growth anew of lost tissue or destroyed parts or organs
  3. c attached to a single unbrached duct
  4. d tissue that holds organs in place and binds different parts of the body together
  5. e Death of tissue

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  1. one of a network of tubes running through compact bone that contains blood vessels and nerves
  2. Connective Tissue that contains all three types of fibers, usually arranged in a disorderly fashion (found in the subcutaneous layers of the skin)
  3. abnormal enlargement of a body part or organ
  4. epithilial cell.... cube shaped.
    fn: protection; secretion; absorption
    loco: lining of some ducts (rare)
  5. membranous tissue covering internal organs and other internal surfaces of the body

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  1. bonelong fiber that carries impulses away from the cell body of a neuron


  2. fibrocartilagehas a matrix containing strong collagen fibers. found in structures that withstand tension and pressure, such as the pads between the vertebrae in the backbone and the wedges in the knee joint.


  3. mucous membranea thin membrane lining the closed cavities of the body


  4. acinar gland•Alveolar gland that is flask shaped e.g. oil gland


  5. transitional epithelialcapable of changing shape found in the bladder and stomach


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