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  1. For his birthday he received a shirt, a tie, and a pair of pants.
  2. I do not think, Tome, that your dad likes me
  3. If you complete your work before five o'clock, you may leave.
  4. On Saturday, December 23, 1946, in a little church at 421 May Street, Mayfield, Illinois, Sarah and James were married.
  5. Nevertheless, her hours are flexible.

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  1. non-restrictive elementa clasue that is a complet sentence by itself


  2. After an introductory phrase which is four words or longer (do not use a comma if the introductory phrase is followed by a verbis four words or longsIn a manner of speaking, we all threw in the towel.


  3. dependent/introductory clausea clause that is not a complet sentence by itself becaseu it gegins with a subordinating word (when, after, if, since, etc)


  4. clauseFor And Nor But Or Yet So


  5. To set off expressions that designate the source of a quotation (dont use if quoted question or exclimation is followed by explanatory words, or if quatation is introduced by "that")"Tell me, Mary, "asked her mother, "did you have a good time?"


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