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  1. a clasue that is a complet sentence by itself
  2. For And Nor But Or Yet So
  3. a group of words containing a subject and a verb
  4. Enclosed is a stamped, self-addressed envelope
  5. For his birthday he received a shirt, a tie, and a pair of pants.

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  1. To set off dates, addresses, and titles (do not use with dates consisting of only the month and the year)I like American history, But I never can memorize dates


  2. To set off words used in direct addressIt is my opinion, therefore, that you should take the job.


  3. When dependent/introductory clauses precede independent clausesa clause that is not a complet sentence by itself becaseu it gegins with a subordinating word (when, after, if, since, etc)


  4. To set off expressions that designate the source of a quotation (dont use if quoted question or exclimation is followed by explanatory words, or if quatation is introduced by "that")On Saturday, December 23, 1946, in a little church at 421 May Street, Mayfield, Illinois, Sarah and James were married.


  5. After Introductory words or expressions (adverbs or transitions)It is my opinion, therefore, that you should take the job.


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