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  1. foreshortening
  2. Lawernce
  3. positive space
  4. Matisse
  5. fresco
  1. a to make a figure seem to come out toward the viewer
  2. b social realist; looked to the art of Africa as an influence
  3. c the subject
  4. d "fresh" wet plaster
  5. e painted bid sheets of paper then cut them to create collage; called his work "carving in color"

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  1. slow, continuous line around a subject
  2. he was dubbed the "tubist"; careful shading technique changes geometric shapes to three-dimensional forms
  3. Inspired by Picasso; used photo collage
  4. modeling from light to dark to show form
  5. pasted collages

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  1. african masksinfluenced cubism


  2. Blue Periodsad time in Picasso's life; work consisted of poor people, blind beggars, mostly cobalt and indigo blue


  3. Rose Periodhappy time in Picasso's life; sentimental and romantic depictions, focuses on circus people/ harlequins


  4. negative spacethe area around the subject


  5. monochromaticslow, continuous line around a subject


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