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  1. Braque
  2. african masks
  3. Du Champ
  4. Hockney
  5. contrapposto
  1. a developed cubism along with Picasso, historians were often unable to tell their work apart
  2. b Inspired by Picasso; used photo collage
  3. c known as a facet cubist; his work caused an uproar at the Armory Show of 1913
  4. d influenced cubism
  5. e technique of sculpting a human figure in a pose that shows the weight of the body in balance

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  1. center of interest / attention in a painting
  2. creating a misty background, softening lines/ no outlines/ creating illusion of space
  3. modeling from light to dark to show form
  4. he was dubbed the "tubist"; careful shading technique changes geometric shapes to three-dimensional forms
  5. "fresh" wet plaster

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  1. Cezannethe lightness and darkness of a hue


  2. analytical cubismpasted collages


  3. contourthe lightness and darkness of a hue


  4. monochromaticone color and its values


  5. synthetic cubismmonochromatic colors, abstract shapes, multiple points of view


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