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  1. gesso
  2. synthetic cubism
  3. analytical cubism
  4. negative space
  5. leger
  1. a pasted collages
  2. b he was dubbed the "tubist"; careful shading technique changes geometric shapes to three-dimensional forms
  3. c used to prime the surface for painting; apprentices would lay down a coat of gesso to prepare the surface for paint
  4. d monochromatic colors, abstract shapes, multiple points of view
  5. e the area around the subject

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  1. influenced cubism
  2. the subject
  3. the lightness and darkness of a hue
  4. simplified shapes of real objects
  5. modeling from light to dark to show form

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  1. Blue Periodsad time in Picasso's life; work consisted of poor people, blind beggars, mostly cobalt and indigo blue


  2. Beardensocial realist in Harlem in 1930's; felt it was important to "paint the life of my people as I know it"


  3. sfumatocreating a misty background, softening lines/ no outlines/ creating illusion of space


  4. fresco"fresh" wet plaster


  5. Braquedeveloped cubism along with Picasso, historians were often unable to tell their work apart


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