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  1. calamity
  2. somniferous
  3. derisive
  4. ethereal
  5. melee
  1. a (n) catastrophic event
  2. b (a) beyond the earth, celestial, heavenly, spiritual
  3. c (a) demeaning, meant to insult
  4. d (a) inspiring sleep
  5. e (n) a hand-to-hand fight among several people

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  1. (n) boy who hangs around the streets, urchin
  2. (a) mournful, dark, dramatic, brooding, dismal
  3. (n) feeling of sadness or pity in observer
  4. (a) (re)producing quickly
  5. (a) dexterous, able, physically coordinated, skilled

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  1. coniferous(a) loud, talkative


  2. lurid(a) dexterous, able, physically coordinated, skilled


  3. compunction(n) curse


  4. forlorn(a) sad


  5. odoriferous(a) smelly


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