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  1. somniferous
  2. impetus
  3. malediction
  4. derisive
  5. sward
  1. a (a) demeaning, meant to insult
  2. b (n) curse
  3. c (a) inspiring sleep
  4. d (n) a grassy yard or field
  5. e (n) compelling influence

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  1. (a) creating feeling of pity
  2. (a) producing cones
  3. (n.) exclamation used to compel certain behavior
  4. (a) loud, talkative
  5. (n) artistic picture or grouping (sometimes depicted by silent and still actors on a stage)

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  1. haggard(n) a grassy yard or field


  2. lurid(a) graphic, attracting attention


  3. odoriferous(a) producing cones


  4. Pathos(a) creating feeling of pity


  5. charnel(n) building where bodies are deposited, mausoleum


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