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  1. mitosis
  2. multiple alleles
  3. mice with harmless strain
  4. During transcription, an RNA molecule is formed (where?)
  5. types of RNA
  1. a inside the nucleus
  2. b division of the cell nucleaus
  3. c these mice did the opposite of die.
  4. d messenger, transfer, ribosomal
    messenger-acts as a blueprint for for DNA
  5. e more than two alleles for the same trait

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  1. process in sexual reproduction in which male and female reproductive cells join to form a new cell
  2. the are 64 different kinds of codons, but only 20 amino acids
  3. process in which one molecule of glucose is broken in half
    2 ATP
    2 NADH
    2 pyruvic acid molecules
    net gain:2 ATP molecules
    it takes place in the cytoplasm
  4. UCU
  5. they would have a smaller chance because the process of crossing over will break the chromosome

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  1. mineralsinorganic nutrients the body needs (in small amounts)


  2. principle of dominancesome genes are dominant while others are recessive


  3. the order of nitrogenous bases in DNA determinesthe order of amino acids in proteins


  4. gene p53gene that normally halts the cell cycle until all chromosomes have been properly replicated


  5. ratio of surface area to volume of growing celldecreases


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