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  1. cyclins
  2. anticodon
  3. A lac repressor turns of the lac genes by
  4. operon
  5. TATA box (heheh)
  1. a A DNA sequence in eukaryotic promoters crucial in forming the transcription initiation complex
  2. b binding to the operator
  3. c A sequence of three bases of a tRNA molecule that pairs with the complementary three-nucleotide codon of an mRNA molecule during protein synthesis.
  4. d protein that regulates the timing of the cell cycle in eukaryotic cells
  5. e a group of genes that operate together

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  1. process that releases energy by breaking down glucose or other food molecules in the presence of oxygen
  2. takes place in muscles
  3. -cytosine
    -1 rings
  4. -5 carbon sugar (deoxyribose)
    -phosphate group
    -nitrogenous bases
  5. mutation that produces a change in a single gene

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  1. principle of probabilitycan be used to predict the outcomes of genetic crosses


  2. genotype ratio1:2:1


  3. In eukaryotes, DNA replication proceeds in how many different directions along the DNA molecule?the nucleus


  4. geneticsprocess by which the number of chromosomes per cell is cut in half through the separation of homologous chromosomes in a diploid cell


  5. Why is it possible for an amino acid to be specified by more than one kind of codon?the are 64 different kinds of codons, but only 20 amino acids


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