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  1. ribosomal RNA
  2. homologous structures
  3. DNA replication results in 2 DNA molecules
  4. tumor
  5. events of interphase
  1. a mass of cells that can damage the surrounding tissue
  2. b each with one new strand and one original strand
  3. c proteins are assembled on ribosomes, which are made up mostly of ribosomal RNA
  4. d G1 phase
    S phase
    G2 phase
  5. e structures that are alike in species that may share a common ancestor

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  1. during this phase,the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell
    each chromosome is connected to a spindle fiber at its centromete
  2. RNA molecule that carries copies of instructions for the assembly of amino acids into proteins from DNA to the rest of the cell
  3. -small
    -only have 4 chromosomes
    -easy to work with
    -reproduce large amounts in a short period of time (like the Duggars)
  4. series of carrier proteins
    use high energy electrons from the Krebs cycle to convert ADP to ATP
  5. -adenine
    -2 rings

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  1. phenotypephysical characteristics


  2. genesgene that normally halts the cell cycle until all chromosomes have been properly replicated


  3. material for DNAnucleotides


  4. reactants of cellular respirationglycolysis, krebs cycle, electron trnsportation train


  5. bacteriophageperiod of activity where cells do most of their growing
    cells increase in cells and synthesize new proteins
    (during interphase)


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