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  1. trait
  2. stop codon
  3. linkage group
  4. relationship between codons and anticodons
  5. homozygous
  1. a specific characteristic that varies from one individual to another
  2. b 2 of the same alleles
  3. c the group of genes, located on the same chromosome, that are usually inherited together
  4. d Codon that signals to ribosomes to stop translation; signals the end of a growing polypeptide
  5. e anticodons on the tRNA bind to complementary codons on mRNA

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  1. structures that are alike in species that may share a common ancestor
  2. The pollen fertilizes the egg cells of the same flower.
  3. preparation for mitosis
  4. haploid
    -one set of chromosomes (23)
    -sex cell

    -two sets of chromosomes (46)
    -somatic (body) cell
  5. a series of genes that control the differentiation of cells and tissues in the embryo; determine an animal's basic body plan

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  1. During transcription, an RNA molecule is formed (where?)deoxyribose, phosphate group, nitrogenous base


  2. base pairingintrons are cut out while the nucles and the exons splice together. Its completed by puttting the cap and tail on the ends of the exon chain


  3. point mutationgene mutation involving changes in one or a few nucleotides


  4. spindledisorder in which some of the body's own cells lose the ability to control growth
    only affects multicellular organisms


  5. two factor crossmessenger, transfer, ribosomal
    messenger-acts as a blueprint for for DNA


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