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  1. What are Chargaff's Rules?
  2. fermentation
  3. frameshift mutation
  4. During the process of translation,
  5. Only one strand of DNA serves as a template in
  1. a transcription
  2. b takes place in the cytoplasm of the cell, used to get energy
  3. c the cell uses information from messenger RNA to produce proteins
  4. d mutation that shifts the "reading" frame of the genetic message by inserting or deleting a nucleotide
  5. e A=T
    the percentages of guanine and cytosine bases are almost equal in any sample of DNA. same is true for adenine and guanine

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  1. term used to describe organisms that produce offspring identical to themselves if allowed to self pollinate
  2. repeated Griffith's experiment; created an extract treated with enzymes that killed carbohydrates, proteins, lipids & RNA-transformation still occured; extract with enzymes that kill DNA-no transformation
    his conclusion:DNA is the transformin factor
  3. states that genes for different traits can segregate independently during the formation of gametes
  4. the group of genes, located on the same chromosome, that are usually inherited together
  5. the chromosomes gather at the opposite ends of the cell and lose their distinct shape
    2 nuclear envelopes form

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  1. The anticodon AGA is complementary to the mRNA codonanticodons on the tRNA bind to complementary codons on mRNA


  2. How many bases are need to specify 3 amino acids?mitosis


  3. transfer RNAdisorder in which some of the body's own cells lose the ability to control growth
    only affects multicellular organisms


  4. In eukaryotes, DNA is located inthe nucleus


  5. interphaseduring this phase, its the period of growth
    "in between" phase LOL LIKE ALLISON


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