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  1. principle of probability
  2. How many nucleotides do codons consist of?
  3. types of RNA
  4. The backbone of a DNA chain is formed by
  5. chromosomes include
  1. a 3 nucleotides
  2. b can be used to predict the outcomes of genetic crosses
  3. c -nucleosomes
    -DNA molecules
  4. d sugar & phosphate groups of each nucleotide
  5. e messenger, transfer, ribosomal
    messenger-acts as a blueprint for for DNA

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  1. Francis Crick & James Watson
  2. glycolysis, krebs cycle, electron trnsportation train
  3. having two identical alleles for a trait
  4. breakdown of lactose
  5. one strain of bacteria is changed into another

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  1. If a pea plant has a recessive allele for green peas, it will produce9


  2. when mice were injected with heat-killed disease causing bacteriathey lived....PRAISE ALLAH


  3. mitosisdivision of the cell nucleaus


  4. metaphaseduring this phase,the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell
    each chromosome is connected to a spindle fiber at its centromete


  5. base pairing-adenine
    -2 rings


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