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  1. bogus
  2. adieu
  3. taunt
  4. incessant
  5. doleful
  1. a false, counterfeit
  2. b never stopping, going on all the time
  3. c to jeer at, mock; an insulting or mocking remark
  4. d sad; dreary
  5. e "farewell;" a farewell

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  1. frightful, horrible; deathly pale
  2. the highest point, tip
  3. holding fast; holding together firmly; persistent
  4. to hold back
  5. the time between; temporary, coming between two points in time

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  1. supplantAn idle wanderer, tramp


  2. metropolisa large city; the chief city of an area


  3. credibleoverly neat, precise, proper, or formal


  4. diligenthardworking, industrious, not lazy


  5. lucideasy to understand, clear; rational, sane


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