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  1. tenacious
  2. ghastly
  3. vagrant
  4. lucid
  5. credible
  1. a easy to understand, clear; rational, sane
  2. b holding fast; holding together firmly; persistent
  3. c believable
  4. d frightful, horrible; deathly pale
  5. e An idle wanderer, tramp

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  1. an arrival; a coming into place or view
  2. to wander about, wind about
  3. very important
  4. to flood, overflow; to overwhelm by numbers or size
  5. unreasonably high; excessive

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  1. atoneto make up for


  2. apex"farewell;" a farewell


  3. tauntAn idle wanderer, tramp


  4. bogusto jeer at, mock; an insulting or mocking remark


  5. perilousdangerous


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