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  1. malinger
  2. surreptitious
  3. impunity
  4. cognizant
  5. extant
  1. a Still in existence
  2. b Freedom from punishment, penalty or harm
  3. c Accomplished through stealth and secrecy
  4. d To feign illness to avoid work
  5. e Fully informed; having knowledge of

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  1. Lacking individual of distinct characteristics
  2. Unnecessary; excessive
  3. Offensively flattering; insincere
  4. Overused; hackneyed; clichéd
  5. Equality

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  1. waiveThe highest point


  2. outréLying on the back; lying face-up


  3. hypocrisyAbandonment of one's principles, faith, or religious beliefs


  4. schismA separation or division


  5. unwieldyNot easily carried due to size, shape or complexity


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