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  1. alderman
  2. abhors
  3. drudge
  4. enmity
  5. languish
  1. a a person who does tedious, menial, or unpleasant work
  2. b to become weak or feeble
  3. c a member of the municipal legislative body
  4. d deep-seated, often mutual hatred
  5. e to reject vehemently

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  1. a cloak
  2. foreboding
  3. to discontinue a session
  4. a prayer
  5. to attribute; credit

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  1. inundationto cover with water


  2. augmentingto make (something already developed) greater


  3. penurydeep-seated, often mutual hatred


  4. appertaininga member of the municipal legislative body


  5. dirgesto free from impurities


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