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  1. drudge
  2. solace
  3. chide
  4. presage
  5. heretics
  1. a a person who holds controversial opinions- based on heresy
  2. b comfort in sorrow
  3. c an omen
  4. d a person who does tedious, menial, or unpleasant work
  5. e to express disapproval

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  1. deep-seated, often mutual hatred
  2. evil; wicked
  3. a funeral hymns or lament
  4. foreboding
  5. to discontinue a session

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  1. augmentingto submit to settlement or judgment by arbitration


  2. beguileda deceive by guile


  3. consorta companion or partner


  4. impeachto attribute; credit


  5. penurydeep-seated, often mutual hatred


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