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  1. lamentable
  2. profaners
  3. languish
  4. mantle
  5. beseech
  1. a to request earnestly
  2. b to become weak or feeble
  3. c to express grief for or about
  4. d a cloak
  5. e those who have irreverence for what is sacred

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  1. to submit to settlement or judgment by arbitration
  2. to dislike (someone or something) greatly
  3. to discontinue a session
  4. an incantation used in conjuring
  5. a prayer

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  1. appertaininga member of the municipal legislative body


  2. poulticea soft, moist mass of bread, meal, clay or other material


  3. transgressiona violation of a law, command or duty


  4. rancora companion or partner


  5. boisterousforeboding


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