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  1. consort
  2. validity
  3. solace
  4. dirges
  5. tedious
  1. a a companion or partner
  2. b a funeral hymns or lament
  3. c well grounded
  4. d comfort in sorrow
  5. e moving or progressing very slowly

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  1. a cloak
  2. to attribute; credit
  3. most common or conspicuous
  4. a person who holds controversial opinions- based on heresy
  5. a member of the municipal legislative body

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  1. obscuredindistinctly heard; faint


  2. orisonsa funeral hymns or lament


  3. enmitydeep-seated, often mutual hatred


  4. augmentingto submit to settlement or judgment by arbitration


  5. languishbitter


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