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  1. Multitudinous
  2. Perturbation
  3. Malevolence
  4. Parricide
  5. Portent
  1. a too numerous to be counted
  2. b the act of causing disorder
  3. c a sign or forewarning
  4. d ill will, hatred
  5. e murder of your own parents

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  1. a familiar proverb or wise saying
  2. prediction of the future
  3. angered at something unjust or wrong
  4. without equal
  5. tolerant or lenient

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  1. Mercilesshaving or showing no mercy


  2. Infirmitysteadiness of mind under stress


  3. Homagea familiar proverb or wise saying


  4. Corporealsudden unpredictable change


  5. Lamentationexpressing grief or sorrow


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