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  1. Special cell structures
  2. Generation time
  3. Negative biofilm
  4. Clostridum difficile
  5. Dormant
  1. a profuse diarrehea
    vacmycin, flagyl (metronidazole)
  2. b Burns and dental
    secondary STD infections
  3. c TIME required for one cell to produce two new cells (not binary fission)
    15-20 mins.
  4. d capable of life, metabolically inactive
  5. e not all cells, special types of cells

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  1. shorter in length
    allow bacteria to adhere to the surface of mucus membranes and to each other
    allows colonization--->ability to cause disease
  2. longer
    allows bacteria to adhere to each other
    provide a pathway for DNA transfer
    sexual process
  3. bacteria
  4. changing back into what it was before
  5. anthrax

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  1. Endosporesdense round, oval structure
    produced for survival
    remains viable but dormant after vegetative cell death
    will germinate in favorable conditions


  2. Biofilmslime layer
    functions as one cell


  3. Stages of reproductionenlargement (metabolic activity)
    DNA replication
    cell wall/membrane invaginate
    Wall formed
    daughter cells formed


  4. Pseudomonas aerugnosaswarmer biofilm
    leading cause of death among burn victims*


  5. Flagellumslime layer
    functions as one cell


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