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  1. Negative biofilm
  2. Bacterial growth
  3. Special cell structures
  4. Clostridum difficile
  5. Cortex
  1. a profuse diarrehea
    vacmycin, flagyl (metronidazole)
  2. b layers of cell wall and cell membrane
  3. c Burns and dental
    secondary STD infections
  4. d not all cells, special types of cells
  5. e increase in numbers, not size

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  1. anthrax
  2. circular
  3. bacteria
  4. capable of life, metabolically inactive
  5. longer
    allows bacteria to adhere to each other
    provide a pathway for DNA transfer
    sexual process

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  1. Bacterial reproductionenlargement (metabolic activity)
    DNA replication
    cell wall/membrane invaginate
    Wall formed
    daughter cells formed


  2. Bacillus cereusgrain contaminant
    food poisoning


  3. Chemotaxislayers of cell wall and cell membrane


  4. Quorum sensingdetect other bacteria (like and like)


  5. Positive biofilmEcoli in the colon
    antagonistic effect


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