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  1. Most numerous species
  2. Special cell structures
  3. Chemotaxis
  4. Slime layer
  5. Cortex
  1. a layers of cell wall and cell membrane
  2. b not all cells, special types of cells
  3. c bacteria
  4. d movement towards nutrients and away from harmful chemicals
  5. e jelly-like layer secreted by the cell
    adheres to cell wall
    thin layer, loose fitting, irregular
    protects against drying
    allows bacteria to adhere to surfaces or to each other

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  1. growth, reproduction, metabolism
    original, normal cell that produces endospore
  2. detect other bacteria (like and like)
  3. dense round, oval structure
    produced for survival
    remains viable but dormant after vegetative cell death
    will germinate in favorable conditions
  4. thin, shorter, hair-like appendages
    attachment of conjugation
    pilin protein
  5. circular

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  1. Flagellumlong, thread-like appendage
    attached to the cell membrane from basal granule (deep attachment)
    protein flagellin
    some baccili and spirals*


  2. Negative biofilmBurns and dental
    secondary STD infections


  3. Clostridum difficiletetanus
    neuromuscular junction


  4. Pseudomonas aerugnosaswarmer biofilm
    leading cause of death among burn victims*


  5. Biofilmslime layer
    functions as one cell


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