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  1. Capsule
  2. Vegetative cell
  3. Stages of reproduction
  4. Bacterial growth
  5. Plasmids
  1. a growth, reproduction, metabolism
    original, normal cell that produces endospore
  2. b increase in numbers, not size
  3. c jelly-like layer secreted by the cell
    adheres to cell wall
    thick and regular
    takes the shape of the cell
    protects from phagocytes
    enhances virulence
  4. d small circles of DNA
    not connected to nucleoid
    R factors, toxins (amount of lipid A)
    genetic engineering
    "junk DNA"- no end product 95%
  5. e enlargement (metabolic activity)
    DNA replication
    cell wall/membrane invaginate
    Wall formed
    daughter cells formed

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  1. detect other bacteria (like and like)
  2. Bacillus and Clostridium
  3. changing back into what it was before
  4. profuse diarrehea
    vacmycin, flagyl (metronidazole)
  5. capable of life, metabolically inactive

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  1. Cannot have both a capsule or a slime layerjelly-like layer secreted by the cell
    adheres to cell wall
    thin layer, loose fitting, irregular
    protects against drying
    allows bacteria to adhere to surfaces or to each other


  2. Chemotaxislayers of cell wall and cell membrane


  3. Attachment Pilishorter in length
    allow bacteria to adhere to the surface of mucus membranes and to each other
    allows colonization--->ability to cause disease


  4. Cortexlayers of cell wall and cell membrane


  5. Conjugation PiliTIME required for one cell to produce two new cells (not binary fission)
    15-20 mins.


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