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  1. plates moving toward one another
  2. ridges
  3. magma
  4. >50% SiO2, gooey, highly viscous, becomes explosive, convergent system associated with continental crust formation.
  5. Canadian Shield, Rocky Mtns, Appalachian Mtns, Central TX
  6. cracks

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  1. Importance of igneous rocks?magma


  2. What are the two types of magma/lava?silicic and mafic


  3. Igneous rocks compose __% of basement rock. 85% is metamorphic.Canadian Shield, Rocky Mtns, Appalachian Mtns, Central TX


  4. Igneous rocks form by the?solidification of magma or lava


  5. Mafic rocks are also generated within the __ crust.ridges


  6. Shield volcanoes due to extensive outpouring of __/basaltic lava with little pyroclastic material.mafic


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