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  1. <50% SiO2, very fluid, non-explosive, quiet, low viscosity, divergent associated with oceanic crust.
  2. >50% SiO2, gooey, highly viscous, becomes explosive, convergent system associated with continental crust formation.
  3. plates moving away from eachother
  4. Canadian Shield, Rocky Mtns, Appalachian Mtns, Central TX
  5. building materials, ores
  6. 15

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  1. When solidified, magma chamber becomes a __ composed of granite and/or diorite.batholith


  2. What is extrusive?lava


  3. What is intrusive?lava


  4. Silicic rocks process via __.magnetic differentiation


  5. Shield volcanoes due to extensive outpouring of __/basaltic lava with little pyroclastic material.eruptions, lava


  6. Stratovolcanoes form by alternating __ of pyroclastic material (ash) and thick __ flows.eruptions, lava


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