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  1. a Words of Comfort to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon
    -They were told that their families were ok
  2. b "Truth Is Knowledge of Things"
  3. c The Greatest Treasure
    -The treasure isn't money, but People
  4. d Items of Instruction
  5. e "That Ye May Be the Children of Light"

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  1. "You Shall Be a Lively Member"
  2. Prayer of Dedication for the Kirtland Temple
    -Given by Revelation
  3. The Lord's Appendix to the Doctrine and Covenants
  4. "Walking in Darkness at Noon-day"
    -Saints Chastened because they haven't built the Temple
    -The Temple is commanded to be built
  5. Houses for the Work of the Ministry
    -A Church Administration and Printing Building are called to be made

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  1. 85Those Who Put Forth Their Hands "To Steady the Ark"


  2. 123Documenting Persecution: An Imperative Duty
    -Given in Liberty Jail


  3. 87Those Who Put Forth Their Hands "To Steady the Ark"


  4. 101The Redemption of Zion by Power
    -Organization of Zion's Camp


  5. 97"You Shall Be a Lively Member"


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