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  1. a Earthly Governments and Laws
    -Not a revelation
  2. b The Laws of the Church Concerning Widows and Orphans
  3. c Houses for the Work of the Ministry
    -A Church Administration and Printing Building are called to be made
  4. d The Word of Wisdom
  5. e Prayer of Dedication for the Kirtland Temple
    -Given by Revelation

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  1. This Stake Should Be Made Strong
  2. Isaiah Interpreted
  3. Questions and Answers on the Book of Revelation
  4. The Olive Leaf
  5. Grand Council

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  1. 97"This Is Zion—the Pure in Heart"


  2. 112Messengers with Keys
    -Jesus, Moses, Elias, and Elijah come


  3. 80The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood


  4. 92"You Shall Be a Lively Member"


  5. 108Obedience Brings Blessings


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