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  1. a Earthly Governments and Laws
    -Not a revelation
  2. b The Nauvoo Temple and Baptism for the Dead
  3. c Keys for Determining If Administrations Are from God
    -Ask to shake the angel's hand
  4. d Revelation to Zion's Camp
  5. e Those Who Put Forth Their Hands "To Steady the Ark"

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  1. A Solemn Proclamation: The Priesthood Order Is Established
  2. Revelation to the Twelve
  3. The Oracles of God
    -Helped Establish the First Presidency
  4. Vision of the Redemption of the Dead
    -Given to Joseph F. Smith
  5. Words of Comfort to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon
    -They were told that their families were ok

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  1. 83"Truth Is Knowledge of Things"


  2. 99The Word of the Lord to John Murdock
    -John Murdock Called to serve


  3. 82"I, the Lord, Am Bound When Ye Do What I Say"


  4. 137Vision of the Celestial Kingdom
    -Given to Joseph Smith


  5. 104The Order of the Church for the Benefit of the Poor


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