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  1. predatory
  2. unassuming
  3. attribute
  4. waver
  5. exotic
  1. a preying on, plundering, or piratical
  2. b a quality or characteristic belonging to or associated with someone or something
  3. c foreign; charmingly unfamiliar or strikingly unusual
  4. d to move to and fro, become unsteady; to show lack of firmness or decision
  5. e not putting on airs, unpretentious; modest

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  1. to transport; to transmit; to communicate, make known; to transfer ownership or title to
  2. showy and flashy but lacking in good taste
  3. a joining together; the point at which two things are joined; any important point in time
  4. the highest point
  5. thin, pale, and careworn as a result or worry or suffering; wild-looking

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  1. jauntyto ward off, fend off, deflect, evade, avoid


  2. meniallowly, humble, lacking importance or dignity


  3. parryshowy and flashy but lacking in good taste


  4. turncoata way of holding the body; an attitude or position on an issue


  5. exciseto remove by cutting


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